Anybody else still have the orignal 3DS?

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Day one original.

I managed to avoid having to pick up a DSi, and will likely do the same with New 3DS, despite "exclusive" software in both cases.

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Still got the original, since day two!


Yep, the red one from the 3D Land bundle, however it'll be replaced as soon as the N3DS XL is released.

I have the original and I'm keeping it

I pre ordered and picked up my 3DS at launch for the full retail price of $250 (still have it as well) and have since then upgraded to the 3DS XL at launch due to the bigger screen and overall better design. This does not include my limited editions.... getting little out of hand haha

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I have a 2DS and a 3DS - they're perfectly adequate - will only consider a N3DS once there's a significant library of games that warrant getting one.

Yep I still got mine. I never saw the point in getting the XL unless you haven't bought a 3DS already and even then I don't think it's worth the extra money.

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i think the og 3ds is in many ways better built than the 3ds xl, with better materials etc. only problem is the fingerprint-hungry glossiness. but even tho i have an xl i still play everything with the exception of smash on the og 3ds.

My grubby old 3ds has hardly got any use this year. Waiting for the new 3ds xl to rekindle my interest.

My year one is still kicking strong

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