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I really hope the new 3D Mario is a Wii U game, and it better not be Galaxy 3, we need a true sequel to Mario 64 =P

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I too dont want Galaxy 3, true sequel to Mario 64 would be great.

A 3D mario has been confirmed?source?

KLXVER said:
I really want a single player focused 3D Mario game...

Like Galaxy?

OT: A Pikmin for the New 3DS would make me sing songs of joy. A handheld Pikmin game seems like a dream come true.

Carl is a Piplup hater and deserves to be punished eternally.

"EAD Tokyo 2
– new 3D Mario confirmed to be in development"

Wait, what?! What did i miss?!!!!

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Jizz_Beard_thePirate said:
AZWification said:

EAD Tokyo 2 seems to be working on a new 3D Mario and it might be Galaxy 3!

Oh yeaa! Idk how I missed that loll. Yea I hope it's Galaxy 3 or better yet Universe cause the name fits better!

Mario Galaxy 3 would be awesome, but I honestly wouldn't mind a Mario 64 sequel either!

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This is a major reason why I still admire and applaud Nintendos efforts. Their response to underwhelming WiiU sales has been to UP 1st party development as a love letter to all the longtime supporters

I want a whole new 3D Mario game. I don't really want a sequel. But if they do make one, I want Sunshine 2. Galaxy already had a sequel and I want to be able to explore and not be on a linear path.

They are likely working on games already for the 4DS/Fusion launch window. 

IMO Mario Galaxy 3, Animal Crossing 3 are going that way.

Wii U will be like the GameCube, where Nintendo basically farmed out most of its development in its last couple of years to outside studios ... games like Geist, Mario Baseball, Mario Party, Battallion Wars, etc. where all made by outside teams while the core EAD group shifted to focus on DS/Wii projects after 2004.

Same thing will happen with the Wii U I think, it may get things like Diddy Kong Racing U from Monster Games and Metroid Prime Hunters U from NST.

I'd love a galaxy 3. I'd love almost anything really. Nintendo hasn't disappointed me with software so far this gen.

Man I'd love a new F-Zero. GX was one of my favourite games!

Imagine a spinoff with Captain Falcon that goes into his story as a Bounty Hunter. Open world, fight crime, collect bounty, do races on the side. I just feel that Captain Falcon is underused.