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I will start with mine

1.2 million xbox one(936k launch month and black friday) big pricecut and lots of bundles

1 million ps4( 1,145 million(launch month and black friday) gta x last of us bundle and family bundle

465k wii u( last year 220k with black friday and 3d world) this year has smash and mario kart

675k 3ds(770k zelda and black friday)

60k vita(111k black firday)  :(



(Won)Bet with TechoHobbit: He(Techno) says 10 million by January 1,2014 I say 9 million by then. Winner gets 2 weeks of sig control.

(Lost)Bet with kinisking: I say Ps4 will win April NPD while he says Xbox One will win it; winner gets 1 week of avatar control.

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1.5 M PS4.

950 K XB0.

580 K WU.

[X1] 1.28 million

[PS4] 922k

[Wii U] 381k

[3DS] 605k

[Vita] 81k

PS4 - 1,250m
XBO - 1,100m
WiiU - 370k

3ds - 550k
PSV - 65k

...Let the Sony Domination continue with the PS4...

1,129,000 PS4
1,115,666 Xb1
469,000 Wii U

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PS4- 1,250,000
XBO- 1,100,000
Wii U- 450,000

3DS- 600,000

Vita- 60,000

Well, I couldn't eve begin to have an accurate guess at this.

I do think Xbox One may just edge out the PS4. I'm not sure Smash Bros is going to have the Wii U bump people wanted. 3DS will keep chugging along, I think it'll get a nice holiday boost. Vita will be non existent as usual.

Guess figures:

XB1 - 1.100,000
PS4 - 950,000
Wi U - 350,000

3DS - 750,000
Vita - 40,000

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XB1 1.1m
PS4 1.05m
WiiU 350k
3DS 500k (people might be aware of the "New" 3DS)
PSV 50k

Wow hold on guys Some of those Wii-u predictions are really high. According to VGC it's at about 180k including the full week that ended November 1st.

Xbox One- 1.2 million
PS4- 1 million
WiiU- 300k
3DS- 550k
PSV- 50k

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