Grand Theft Auto V (PS4/Xbone) is most over rated GOTY

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GTA V on PS4 and Xbox One is...

A new game and totally origional 44 14.01%
A remastered game 159 50.64%
The same game from last year 110 35.03%
POE said:

ok, better without backwards then.

Personally, I love my launch 60g cadillac PS3.  But, I was also working insane hours at the time, spending very little, and sitting around at home, eyes plastered to a computer screen (for work), whenever I didn't have to be in the office.  So, that was an entirely unique situation that allowed me to drop a ~grand on a PS3, 4 games and a controller at launch.  Unfortunately, the easiest way to cut down costs on the PS3, quickly, was removing the PS2 components from the PS3's main board.  Frankly, I would've preferred all manufacturers continue the trend of BC, but, once gamer's showed they were willing to buy consoles hand over fist w/o that functionality, it was a lost cause.

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You seriously don't even have your 360 hooked up anymore, and you'll spend $60 on the game because you want to play it? Seems like there is an easy situation here, oh yeah, hook up your 360. That might work.

qwertyDANIELqwerty said:

GTA V just came out on the PS4 and Xbox One. It has already sold millions in the first week. All I can say, why? What human being would spend 60 dollars just for slightly better graphic effects on a first person mode that doesn't change the gameplay at all? Apparently millions, I guess.

Seriously, stop it game developers, stop rehashing games that you sold a year ago just so you can take advantage of people who oppsess over 1080p graphics. And more importantly, CONSUMERS, stop buying these rehashed games, it's the main reason they are staying.

What are your thoughts?

The funny thing is everybody love remake, HD version or what ever you call. is not about some people it's about many people who want this.

If the  games  is better then the last ports then why not? heck even during PS1 era many SNES games ported to PS1 even without improvement and it's still sold very well.

I didnt buy last gen stop assuming everyone rebought the dam game i loved it on my ps4 i dont know what it was like last gen but i love it glad they remade it