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ZTxGhost said:
KBG29 said:
Although this article is a little over dramatic, it is heading in the right direction.The responses on this site are just as outlandish as the opinion posted in this piece.

Nintendo needs to do something while they still have strong brand power. They have no chance against the likes of Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, and Sony. Sony's smart phone buisness is seen as a massive failure at this point, and they are still selling 40M a year. Samsung and Apple, are selling nearly 40M units a quarter.

All of these devices have multiple full fledged music, movie, TV, and E-book services that Nintendo can never compete with. These plaftorms have an openess that a Nintendo device will never copmpete with. And each new iteration continues to outperform Nintendo hardware with a biggger and bigger gap. The control options are getting much better on many android and apple devices as well.

With Microsoft and Sony pushing more support for gaming out to their smartphones, and extending to outside manufactures, the reason to own a Nintendo device are getting slimmer and slimmer. People can already enjoy PS4 games on Sony's Xperia Z line phones, and PS Now is coming to Sony and non Sony Smart phones starting next year. Microsoft demoed Halo 4 running on the cloud last year, and will be coming with their own streaming based service. Nvidia has a massive push going for game streaming both from home computers, and cloud processing.

So, the two things smartphones were missing (quality games and controls) will be coming in droves over the next year. In return, the two things that kept Nintendo handhelds alive (quality games and controls) will no longer be a meaningful reason to purchase a Nintendo to complement a smartphone.

Then there is their home console situation, but that is another peice for another thread.

Nintendo games will never work on tablet/smart phone. The market and consumer base is just too radically different from their current audience.

Strange because almost everyone agrees that a lot of gamers in Japan went to tablet/smart phone games and they came from consoles/handhelds before.

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"Animal Crossing would be a perfect fit for the iPad and the monetization potential of its item collection system boggles the mind."

This person doesn't deserve to live.

On a side note: Who the hell owns the IP?

For what i know Pokemon is owned by Nintendo, GameFreak, and Creatures INC.
That said, Nintendo is the majority stockholder on both GameFreak and Creatures, meaning Nintendo in fact does own the IP, just not directly.

Is that info wrong?

Yeah I don't get why execs would expecte Nintendo to make a full shift to phones. Nintendo makes games to make good games, so we buy the sequels and stay with the franchise. Iphone games aren't supposed to be good in any way, if they were they wouldn't make money. Mobile games are all about scamming the player, hooking people with a free game and making them pay for the good stuff, to make the game more playable. The complete OPPOSITE to nintendo's philosophy. Shareholders etc. scratch their head wondering why Nintendo won't make the switch, and I scratch my head wondering WHY they haven't figure out the reason???

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Geezuz fucking hell! I hope this is satire. o.o


This article is so nauseating I couldn't even finish it.

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I just can't understand why it's only Nintendo the one mentioned in these type of articles.
Why not mention Sony due to their financial situation? Why not ask EA, Activision and Ubisoft to release their top games (same versions as the home console ones) on mobile?
In every case, tons of money to be made. And 3rd parties have no problems with HW, because they only make software.

Although he is right, there's Money to be made in the mobile market, just not on the expense of the home console market.
Nintendo should expand their business, not exchange markets.

I still see a possibility of Nintendo coming up with a 3rd pillar: a tablet that allows to play all mobile games + VC games exclusive to the tablet + exclusive games like a Super Mario Bros 4 (NES style) exclusive to the tablet but also on the Nintendo consoles.

vkaraujo said:
On a side note: Who the hell owns the IP?

For what i know Pokemon is owned by Nintendo, GameFreak, and Creatures INC.
That said, Nintendo is the majority stockholder on both GameFreak and Creatures, meaning Nintendo in fact does own the IP, just not directly.

Is that info wrong?

I think they themselves own the majority of the series.

NoirSon said:
ICStats said:
HyrulianScrolls said:
Why wouldn't Nintendo want to enter a medium where Apple utterly and unequivocally dominates so they could be an even bigger underdog than they are in the home console market? Gee, I can't imagine why. This article is so laughably stupid. The portable gaming market is still printing money for Nintendo this gen, why throw that all away for something that would be a huge risk? Especially since most Nintendo fans have made it clear they have no interest in dumbed down "tap-tap-tap" mobile versions of their great IPs.

It's talking about Nintendo putting their games on the App Store so I'm not sure what you're talking about.  Apple doesn't dominate the App Store; they sell tons of iPhones so that there's a bigger market for App Store apps to sell.

Most games wouldn't work that well on touch screen, but Pokemon would work well I'd guess.

I am guessing HyrulianScrolls might be referring to the fact that many analysts seem to overlook Nintendo by releasing on the iPad would be going from having no oversight other then their own to a market firmly controlled by Apple. A position they haven't been in for a while and one probably based on how they have acted in the past as well as having to share profits or reduce prices to compete in that market they wouldn't necessarily want.

The article is just another example of how many so called experts really don't know jack squat about business or then seeing dollar figures.

Sure, it just depends on how much they gain from controlling the ecosystem.  At this time, being platform holders is not necessarily working for Nintendo.

I know it won't be popular here, but my opinion is Nintendo could do better if they sowed a few of their IPs on 3rd party consoles and mobile this generation.

In terms of mobile, the userbases are over 1 Billion and willo be 2 Billion active users before long.  Something like free-to-play pokemon with in game purchase for additional Pokemon could make a lot of money, and they can advertize their 3DS & Wii U and upcoming games through that.

On console, Wii U has a 24.7% market share after 1 year of competitors; by next year it might be a 15% share.  Nintendo is the best game bublisher, their games are consistently great, and the only thing limiting their sales this generation is userbase.  Being an exclusive platform holder in Gen 8 is not necessarily the best strategy, if they're struggling (which they are) to sell the Wii U more competitively.

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I SERIOUSLY thought this was a troll article of some kind. I went over to check the actual page to see if the OP messed around with some of the things said in the article. But to my utter disbelief this is exactly what the author said.

My mind is simply blown by what I just read. This person actually wants Nintendo to develop their games on mobile so that they can shove micro transactions up out backsides. You know what, this has to be a troll. I just don't believe it.


Sounds like a biased article written by someone who is mad that Pokemon is still successful after all these years

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