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Is everyone forgetting the games it came out the same day as? Non story. Just poor timing not reflecting on the game itself.

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greenmedic88 said:
It could be because of the PS4 bundle, which was announced before LBP3 was released, but until we see some figures on how that bundle sells over the holidays, there might not be much of a correlation there.

There's also the digital sales issue, although I see no reason why LBP3 would sell any fewer retail copies than any other game.

The VGC numbers could be off, although it's doubtful they're off by a significant amount, same any other title. I'm willing to wait for Sony numbers to confirm how well LBP3 sold.

And of course, this could just signify the inevitable end of the franchise due to a lack of consumer interest, much like Resistance 3 was the end of what started out as one of the bright spots on the initial PS3 line up and eventually faded into mediocrity in terms of market relevance.

This is sonys blessing and curse. They justify the creation of so many new IPs by producing multiple sequels to them over the course of the generation. Unfortunately this can lead to franhcise fatigue somewhat quickly for them, and they then repeat the cycle. Great for the new IPs, not so great for those who liked the old ones.

Hopefully its legs will help it reach decent sales!

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WhiteEaglePL said:
Franchise on the decline? Well, I don't mind that. Though I would prefer a certain anual reshash to be almost dead, and not this creative IP with Sackboy still looking ugly in my eyes.

Good platformer though, I think.

Well i think you need to get your eyes checked if you think Sackboy is ugly :P

It will have a good bundle sale as well as legs in the coming year, just like a lot of PS titles. I remember Uncharted opened to 34k in the US so..

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Hopefully it can do better elsewhere, but it was always struggling against GTAV, Far Cry 4 and Inquisition.

It could have legs though, certainly more likely to have them than another game that under-performed, that people wanted to stop all criticism of by claiming it would have legs based on nothing

Americans only accept Mario into their hearts. Well that's a shame.

...Let the Sony Domination continue with the PS4...

Well I think it will have legs longer then any PS4 title we've seen thus far (minus Minecraft)

I do think LBP was an extremely precious franchise and the more they do with it, the less interesting it feels. To me we should have one last gen, one for Vita and PS4 exclusive title now.

This is christmas game so mostly everyone holding their purchase as they have many games released on same week and its going to have great legs.

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Actually LBP3 released on PS3 too. I think combined they did around 100k. Also, the bundle doesn't release until next week. Quite a few people are no doubt waiting for it.

Plus, it was a very crowded week with at 3-4 other AAA games releasing on PS4

LBP3 will have good legs to 2m+ total sales on PS4 alone.

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