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It could be because of the PS4 bundle, which was announced before LBP3 was released, but until we see some figures on how that bundle sells over the holidays, there might not be much of a correlation there.

There's also the digital sales issue, although I see no reason why LBP3 would sell any fewer retail copies than any other game.

The VGC numbers could be off, although it's doubtful they're off by a significant amount, same any other title. I'm willing to wait for Sony numbers to confirm how well LBP3 sold.

And of course, this could just signify the inevitable end of the franchise due to a lack of consumer interest, much like Resistance 3 was the end of what started out as one of the bright spots on the initial PS3 line up and eventually faded into mediocrity in terms of market relevance.

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Is the cross-gen sequel nobody asked for, so those numbers are expected. New LBP exclusive for PS4 would have sold a hell of a lot more.

LBP3 is definitely the best LBP game, so I hope more people are smart enough to pick it up!

Unfortunately, it had minimal marketing and a (n evidently easily fixed) glitch during reviews.

Couple things are to blame here.

1- LBP 3 launched on the same time as GTA V and the other big titles in the US. Maybe this dosen't seem like a big deal but it seems likely buy one game now and hold off for another later.

2- Digital purchases might be a trend for this game. It's a kid friendly game but we all know some kids are crap at handling game discs. Gets annoying at times switching discs sometimes to put in what they wanna play.

Not surprising. Game wasn't really advertised much, if at all.
There's a Black Friday bundle though. That should really help.

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Blame metacritic and the game breaking bugs.

Install base and casual ratio anyone?

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I think it's going to flop everywhere, there was zero hype this time around

This is ridiculous to me. Little Big Planet (and this is coming from a guy who despises Sony, playstation, and almost all of their ips) is absolutely adorable looking to me. I saw the gameplay at E3 this year and it's the ONE sony game I'd actually love to play (the art style is amazing and the characters are just irresistible looking).

European FC4 and GTAV numbers outsold US numbers by 2:1.

I think it's fair to say that many people in the US are waiting for the BF bundles and the same is probably true for LBP.

Also, you have to add 25,000 or so for the PS3 version.

Wait till the end of the year. The game will be fine.

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