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Will PS4 sell 5,000,000 last month of year?

Yes, it will. 146 51.05%
Nope, too much. 139 48.60%

Thinking logically the ps4 will sell like crazy anyways, why? Because Sony is the leaders of the Current Gen of Consoles outpacing ps2 but not the Wii but if Sony keep it up unlike the Nintendo Wii did slow down a lot after a few years it will go higher than ps2 sales worldwide. :)

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December 6 Million confirmed. 😱

Sony..........TAKE MY MONEY! 😀

Sony = 5 Million sounds tasty for December. 🍔

CosmicSex said:
I am tired of underestimating the ps4 and 4 million more than possible...5 million is more than possible. We can conclude either way that PS4 makes it to 20 million by year end.


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gergroy said:
drake_tolu said:

1 week: 900,000

2 week: 1,200,000

3 week: 1,500,000

4 week: 1,000,000

5 week: 400,000

And this time i don't write "bold" like in my last prediction:



So, even if i know that this are crazy number, i believe.

What do you think? Post you pediction. :D

I think they would run out of stock before they hit 5 million, definitely have shortages that would limit sales on a regional basis, but good luck with your prediction!

Thanks. :D