Prediction: PS4 will sell 5 million this December

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Will PS4 sell 5,000,000 last month of year?

Yes, it will. 146 51.05%
Nope, too much. 139 48.60%

I would be happy with 3 million

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So, why would it sell 50% more than last year?

Japan alone can´t give they more than 10%.

Last year shortages can´t explain that much incrise either.

Most of Europe and basic all rest of the world numbers are guess.

Any way, may be VGChartz is undertracking the PS4 again (fourth time?) and we will all get surprised by Sony official numbers.

Make it 4m and u could be right

I'm interested in seeing what you think Xbox One will do

I don't know about 5 million but 4 seems very likely.

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that's a lot, but again, I'm bad with predictions. Let's wait and see what will happen in the next couple of weeks.

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Come on user!
How is possible 3,000,000 ?
Have sold almost 750,000 last week, and is undertacked, even if will sell 750,000 in all week of December (impossible will sell more), it will sell almost 4,000,000!

This prediction isn't too big how you think...

if this week's ps4 numbers are to be believed this should be easy for ps4.

i don't believe this week's ps4 numbers.

I expect 4 million but that's enough to get it over 20M for the year.

bananaking21 said:
If that does happen holy fuck. But i just dont see it happening, i dont trust vgc's massive numbers. I think they been over tracking ps4 these past couple of weeks

I agree with this

Predictions: PS4: 110m, XB1: 65m, Wii U: 15m, 3DS: 70m, PSV: 15m

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