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Xbox One

-Cheaper than PS4 so 360 owners will now upgrade to Xbox One instead

-Amazing multiplatform support

-Best multimedia capabilities that PS4 and Wii U do not have

-Best advertizing

Lifetime Sales Xbox One

North America Sales: 42 million

Europe Sales: 23 million

Other Territory Sales: 10 million

Total: 75 million units sold (10.1% there)


Lifetime Sales PS4

North America Sales: 40 million

Europe Sales: 45 million

Other Territory Sales: 25 million

Total: 110 million units sold (13% there)

Lifetime Sales Wii U

North America Sales: 8 million

Europe Sales: 4 million

Other Territory Sales: 5 million

Total: 17 million units sold (43.5% there)

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PS4 domination will continue homie.

No one respects WiiU... :(

Do you have fun playing a console different than mine?


toastboy44562 said:

Xbox One

-Best advertizing

Only in the US. Xbox One gets little to no advertising outside of the US, so it's an easy Sony win in better advertising for most of the world...

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The fact you only made a comment about XBO makes things clear.
XBO won't have the best advertizing worldwide, people barely know about it in some places.
XBO won't outsell the PS4 in NA. Will not do it in a single country.
XBO will not cross 70M.

PS4 will cross 50M in Europe.
PS4 will outsell the XBO and Wii U in every country it's available.
PS4 will cross 120M.

Wii U will cross 5M in each Europe and Japan.
Wii U will cross 10M in America (NA + SA).
Wii U will cross 25M.

That's mine.

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Hmm, so even you, toast - the most hardcore Xbox fan - does not think it's gonna win.

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I like how you point out the "advantages" of the x1 but leave out the other two


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