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okr said:

- Rondo of Swords (NA April 15th)

Almost forgot about this one. It's the top most game that I want. 

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I just found out that Anno 1701: Dawn of Discovery was released in NA on March 4th (if the sources are correct).

It's already out in Europe & Australia since last summer.

I can recommend this underrated game to all who like economic & building simulations.

Wow - recently my consoles haven't been getting a lot of play recently and I cant leave my wifes DS alone since I picked up a cheap copy of Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney and now am addicted to the whole series - looks like thats not gonna change any time soon.

Apollo Justice, professor Laytons, Ninja Gaiden and TimeHollow are must haves for me personally.


no games that interest me.

Mother freakin' Kirby Super Star remake and Fire Emblem 1 remake. Hell yes. This is going to be ANOTHER great year for the DS. I also can't wait to get Apollo Justice.

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Just so you guys know, I won't be adding any games that don't have any screens yet. I'm also (for obvious reasons) not adding EVERY game on the DS, as that would be a ridiculously long list numbering in the hundreds. I will update with a few of your suggestions though.

Mushroom Men ( DS ) seems interesting:


Codemaster's Race Driver GRID, is the sequel of Race Driver : Create & Race ( Toca serie ) that is IMO the best "realistic" racing game on DS:


Exit DS, sequel of interesting puzzle/action game by Taito for PSP is landing to DS. Actually it seems to released last january in Japan maybe it will arrive in western regions :

Suda51's Flower, Sun and Rain will be released for DS thid year and an european release is confirmed:

Spore DS will be launched next September by EA. First screens:

Only import promising games:

Afterschool boys by Konami ( for those that love japan ):



Mushishi Ds by Marvelous:


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Cristal Chronicle is looking great ... so is NG : DS . The only downside are the tons of SE ports ... I wish there would be less , and higher quality ones ...

damn, DS is the true winner this gen. I mean damn, I need to go buy one RIGHT NOW. It would appear that I have been missing out. I mean damn, that's a better line up that all three consoles combined almost. I am so getting a DS. Thank you naz for this informative topic about how stupid I am to not have a DS.

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hunter_alien said:
Cristal Chronicle is looking great ... so is NG : DS . The only downside are the tons of SE ports ... I wish there would be less , and higher quality ones ...

Tons? There are 4. 3 of them are the Castle in the Sky trilogy which fans have been demanding be remade on one system for a decade, and one of them is Final Fantasy IV, which is one of the most popular FF games. How are those not high quality?

The Square Enix games on the DS constitute some of their biggest games this generation, and completely dwarf their efforts on all the other systems, including the PSP. The only possible exception to that would be the PS3 with FFXIII, but DQIX is the bigger seller in Japan, and has gotten just as much dev time as FFXIII.

Anyway, added a few more games.  Bangai-O, Spore, and Flower, Sun, and Rain.