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PS4 or Xbox One

PS4 FTW!! 308 62.47%
Xbox One All the Way! 126 25.56%
I am a fanboy and wont state my opinion 27 5.48%

Xbox One because you like Halo and Gears plus Scalebound is coming and you liked Bayonetta. Multiplats don't seem to be that much better on the PS4 anyway (in some cases even worse if you prefer a stable framerate) so if the exclusives on PS4 don't appeal to you then I'd go with the X1. I have one and it's pretty good. Better than the PS4 anyway.

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Well, we are all pretty biased here I think :). My suggestion is to get an X1 now, playing through all Halo games is amazing :). By 2016 you can get the PS4 and alot of new experiences awaits :).

Look at the games, make a decision.... at the end you are the one who knows which games you like most...

I own a PS4 & played the One at a friends house, both are great consoles.

In the end, it will come down to which system has the better exclusives for you.

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Xbox One obviously if you want to play games or enjoy multimedia.

If you are asking for opinions, you will always get biased answers.
Mine is, go for the PS4, get TLOU and Destiny now, Far Cry 4 would be nice go get and give a try.
Bloodborne is not that far, and if you haven't played one of this games yet you really are missing.
As you have a 360 you can get Dark Souls before to see if you like that kind of game (would recommend Demon's Souls first, but you would need a PS3).
Far Cry 3 as well can be a great check before thinking about the fourth.
If you do get a PS4, try Infamous too.

PS4 obviously if you want to play games and enjoy multimedia. Your satisfaction and potential happiness is my desire here. Yes, the PS4 the crowning jewel of consoles and the perfect match combined with the royalty that is Nintendo.

I would honestly get the console that your friends have. One of my best friends made that mistake last generation and didn't get the console that we had. He was stuck playing by himself while me and my other friends talked about all the fun we were having together.

If honestly you could care less about that, then keep in mind that the Xbox typically is centered around shooters while playstation will have jrpgs, which I believe is what you are looking for.

Since your friends have a PS4 and you like RPGS more, then stick with the PS4 in my opinion.

If you live outside of the UK and US the PS4 is a no brainer. Most of your friends who have consoles will be on th PS4. That snowball effect!

It's also the best console for games and Sony proved with th PS3 they will support it with exclusives for a lot longer than MS will. Once they get enough sales on the X1 thy will stop caring until next gen. Just the way they are.