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PS4 or Xbox One

PS4 FTW!! 308 62.47%
Xbox One All the Way! 126 25.56%
I am a fanboy and wont state my opinion 27 5.48%

Well your friends all own a PS4 already so that is a big reason to get one already

However i'll tell you the reasons I chose ps4 this gen.

First of all the track record and the amazing support the PS3 got towards the end of its life was a big factor as well as the great first party studios and exclusives that sony has. This plus the fact that PS Plus offers better free games, the controller is better, the console and OS looks nicer and runs smoother as well as the fact that pretty much every multiplatform game will run better on PS4. I believe that PS4 is the better long term investment. As for me right now I see XB1 as an impulse buy just because they have a few games out now, although I think they've put all their eggs in one basket and the lineup will be pretty dry most of next year. If I did buy an XB1 I honestly think it would be a waste of my money as I already have a PS4 which I believe will be much better overall throughout the whole gen.

EDIT: I'd just like to add that I haven't really had a console that most of my friends own since the PS2 and trading games again is awesome! Saves so much money

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Well, if you like RPGs, then Persona 5.

Also, Persona 5.

Halo is hard to ignore but so is Uncharted. Personally, though, I'd take Bloodborne over both. Quantum Break is shaping up to be interesting.

Playstation will always get more Japanese games, though, like Disgaea, which is important to me. The PS4 is also looking fantastic on the smaller downloadable front with games like Helldiver and Rime.

Xbox has a lot to prove but, to be honest, I think the XO is going to be much better than the 360 in terms of new IP. They didn't invest in all those new studios for nothing. I'm more much interested in Xbox this gen than last.

Really, though, Persona 5.

you are a nintendo fan, PS4. the better games for you.

the most japanese games, the better multigames / stronger hardware.
last of us 2, dragon quest heroes ect. coming for ps4.
And with PERSONA 5 the best RPG ever.


Death Stranding, PS4-Release: November 8! The Last of Us 2, February 21 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvG-EpPoCCA

I am also a Wii U owner and recently bought a PS4. Both consoles were bought primarily for the kids, but I like to play, too.

There are two main reasons why I chose PS4. One is the lower price relative to X1, (of course) but more importantly, most of my kids' friends have (or are getting) PS4. It made more sense to go with PS4 so they can play one another online. The exclusives have not been a factor in my decision, simply because the games they are interested in are available on both X1 and PS4.

I hope this helps you weigh up your decision.

First, think on the actual games for the console. Are you interested on halo master chief collection? Deadrising 3? Sunset Overdrive? Or do you feel like trying inFamous Second Son and LittleBigPlanet 3?

Also, think about the games that will come out for each console in 2015. Like some users have said, the PS4 has a solid lineup next year, not to mention the games yet to be announced.

Now, what consoles do your friends have? Go with the one you'll think you'll have the most fun with friends.

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Whatever u like the most.

What about getting a PC?

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Furthermore, I think VGChartz should add a "Like"-button.

For now ps4, but after HALO 5 and Gears of War comes out go for xbone :P

I owned a Wii U first, and just recently got the Xbox One. It was a rather easy decision to make. I liked the current lineup of XBO games better and most of my friends that I play with online had one.

My recommendation is that you look at the following two things first - The current library of the consoles and what your friends are gaming on. You can look at future releases if you'd like, but either choice will bear fruit.

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Honest opinion: I bought the Ps4 because I'm a Dark Souls fan and I couldn't miss Bloodborne but if you are not particularry attached to any of the PS4 and XBONE exclusive games, you should just invest some money on a good PC.
It's true you'll spend more money initially, but later you'll save a lot on subscriptions -online is free on PC- and you'll save a lot on games -Steam prices are a steal compared to console game prices-.
Between Ps4 and Xbone I would choose Ps4 simply because its the most successfull console right now, so its likely to get more exclusive content in the in the coming years. (even thought, I agree the Xbone has better exclusives right now). Plus, it's already an enstablished fact Ps4 graphics are a bit better.