What should I buy for my 100th Physical Vita game? UPDATE: Now have 101 Vita No gaemz.

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What should be my 100th Physical Vita game?

Disgaea 4 65 36.11%
Mortal Kombat 29 16.11%
Muppets Movie Bollocks 10 5.56%
Akiba's Trip 2 26 14.44%
Natural Doctrine 13 7.22%
FIFA 15 6 3.33%
LEGO Batman 3 13 7.22%
Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX 7 3.89%
Invizimals: The Resistance 6 3.33%
Moto GP 14 5 2.78%

Woah, 100 games on a system that doesn't get games! :O I don't think I've ever owned 100 games on any system.


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Congrats on the fine collection. I only have one retail but have lots of digital, ps+ and some purchases hereand there. I spend much more time on my Vita than I thought when I did buy it. No regrets, never looked back.

BTW my vote goes to Akiba

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I would pay to play the Muppets Movie Bollocks any day of the week

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Disgaea 4 :)

I never had a 100 games on any system before. 

Wow! You have 99 retail Vita games? I only have 10... And at least 2-dozen digital (Mostly sales and PS+ games)

But then again, I simply don't buy that many games these days.

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Out of the voting list I'd say Disgaea 4.

Mortal Kombat!!!

100 copies of akibastrip 2

Surprised no one mentioned the Muppets Movie Bollocks game. I mean seriously, guys. It's the 100th game. He has plenty of good games. Shouldn't he be going for something god awful to remember this moment?

Maraccuda said:
Seriously! There is 100 games for the Vita? I would have thought about 60 games all up, not including Japan exclusive games.

Last year only on the west Vita got arround 80 games... between retail and digital only... this year have been almost double of 3Ds physical release, actually...


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