Sony refused 900k returned Destiny bundles

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iTechHeads said:
DonFerrari said:
iTechHeads said:
Stupid thread. Lots of people are unable to take a joke especially if English isn't their first language.

Why the thread is stupid??? And I aint native speaker nor have I used any hard word or anything too informal.

Look at the first page in the thread. Didn't take long for people to ask for a source or think this was real. 

Some people believe anything they read on the internet. Some people just read the title and make a comment.

So you are talking about stupid people on the thread or the thread being stupid? Because only one of the 2 would result in posts being completly oblívious to the OP or understanding what the thread is about. And posting by just reading title is silly as well. 

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aLkaLiNE said:

Looking at the situation currently, PS4 would almost have to sell 1 Mil a week in December to reach 20M by 01.01.15

How do you expect that to happen? Is there historical launch data that suggests this is possible? I play for the blue team and I badly want to see Playstations continued success but 20M looks ambitious today.

There actually is historical data to suggest this is possible.

In the final 7 weeks (for comparison purposes, we have 2 less days than this) of 2010, the Wii sold over 7 million units.

For every other week in 2010, the Wii sold ~10 million units, whereas the PS4 has already sold ~10.5 million units.

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