Can both the X1 and PS4 pass 100 million this gen?

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Can both pass the 100 million mark?

Yes 26 13.40%
No 144 74.23%
They are nose to nose thi... 3 1.55%
Other, post below 6 3.09%
See results 15 7.73%

Nah, impossible! I do think the PS4 will reach 100M though.

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I'm not seeing PS4 selling 100M, let alone both consoles...

Let's just say the chance of both PS4 and X1 achieving 100M sales is the same as PS4, X1 and WiiU achieving all +100M in sales...

I very seriously doubt it.

PS4 will be in the ballpark, but the X1 won't be.


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

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Are you serious? This Isn't a joke thread? The Xbox has had like 3 good weeks in like two regions due to what is more or less a fire sale.

You'll see Xbox sales tank after the sale is over.

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PS4 is definitely tracking towards it. Xbox One just doesn't have the markets to make it happen. Sony has done it twice, Nintendo has done it once and Microsoft despite its best effort last gen didn't make it yet.

No Xbox One only 60 million.
PS4 120 million.

I doubt the XBO will even reach what the 360 did.
I remain with my very first prediction, PS4 > XBO by 2:1, with 120M:60M.

So no, only the PS4 will cross it IMO.

People should remember that there will be much less multiple console purchases by people due to paid online. How many people do you know that own 360 and PS3? My guess is not so many will double dip as it means an extra 50 a year