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Hi guys, this is my first topic on VGChartz. I would like to talk with you about LTD home console shipments here!
As you already know, Sony never made any announcement of PS3 beating the 360, and I recently saw some forum posts saying ps3 could surpass 360 soon or implying that 360 is still ahead in shipments.
So today I decided to watch over all the shipments information from Sony and Microsoft, trying to have an accurate idea of the LTD shipments of those home consoles (too bad they combined PS2/PS3 and 360/ONE...)

I found a cool page on the SONY website that gather all of their Historical Data, so it was easier than watching over all of the reports (even though I checked all of these to be sure the data matches)
Here it is: http://www.sony.net/SonyInfo/IR/library/historical.html

Here are 4 Pictures I've made for you so you don't have to download the files to check shipments:

FY'99-FY'00 Shipments : http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2014/47/1416591338-sonyshipmentshistoryfy99-00.jpg
FY'01-FY'10 Shipments : http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2014/47/1416439251-sonyshipmentshistoryfy01-10.jpg
FY'11-FY'12 Shipments : http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2014/47/1416439255-sonyshipmentshistoryfy11-12.jpg
FY'13-FY'14 Shipments : http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2014/47/1416439260-sonyshipmentshistoryfy13-14.jpg

I decided to make a cumulative LTD shipments excel file from these numbers to see it better:

As you can see, FY'12 (April'12-March'13) is the last year PS2 was shipped (production ended early january 2013.)
We had 157.9M PS2 and 63.9M PS3 at the end of FY'11 (March, 31, 2012).
EDIT: The PS2 sales were in fact 155.1M as of March, 31, 2012 because some sales (exactly 2.8M) counted twice when SONY changed their method of reporting sales back in FY'06, hence the corrected estimate on my excel file.

SONY Shipped 16.5M consoles in The FY'12. We know PS2 sold 6.4M FY'10 and 4.1M FY'11. If we consider it dropped the same percentage, PS2 should be at 2.6M FY'12, however, Q4 FY'12 rise YOY shows that there was a last "BIG" shipments of PS2, so let's say sales for PS2 didn't drop too much YOY and the PS2 was 3.9M, leaving the PS3 at 12.6M for FY'12.
Then we have true PS3 numbers for FY'13 and FY'14.

SONY shipped a total of 244.2M PS2+PS3. According to my estimate on FY'12, it puts PS2 at 159.0M and PS3 at 85.2M as of September, 30, 2014.

The work about Microsoft Xbox home consoles data was done faster:

The X360 LTD on June, 30, 2013 was 78.2M: http://www.microsoft.com/investor/EarningsAndFinancials/Earnings/Kpi/FY13/Q4/Detail.aspx (bottom of the page)
X360+Xbox One from July 2013 to June 2014 added 11.7M: http://www.microsoft.com/investor/EarningsAndFinancials/Earnings/Kpi/FY14/Q4/Detail.aspx
X360+Xbox One from July 2014 to September 2014 added 2.4M: http://www.microsoft.com/investor/EarningsAndFinancials/Earnings/Kpi/FY15/Q1/Detail.aspx

So Microsoft shipped a total of 92.3M Xbox 360+Xbox One consoles. According to the general estimates of the forum users saying Xbox One is at about 7.4M on last September, 30th, it leaves X360 at about 84.9M consoles shipped at the same day.

So unless Sony shipped 159.3M+ PS2 (meaning they shipped less than 84.9M PS3), then PS3 has finally surpassed Xbox 360 on LTD shipments. (by about 0.3M with my FY'12/LTD estimate)

As a conclusion, SONY and Microsoft home consoles LTD shipments should now(September, 30, 2014) look like :

PS1: 102.49M
PS2: ~159.0M
PS3: ~85.2M
360: ~84.9M
ONE: ~7.4M
PS4: 13.5M

Any thoughts about all this? Also why the PS1 and PS2 are so off on vgchartz after all those years?

PS: if you find any error on any number, please tell me, i'm new to this, it's the first time I do this kind of work, so I might be wrong on some numbers even if I tried not to be.

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Interesting and looks good.
They are really shipping PS4 at a high rate.

But Sony not have shipped 155M PS2 by end of March 2012?



Crazy to see how high the PS2 might be when all is said and done. "So unless Sony shipped 162.2M+ PS2..." I assume you mean PS3 and not PS2.

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6 PlayStation 3 (PS3)




7 Xbox 360 (X360)





vgchartz already has ps3 ahead

Interesting. I suppose it is theoretically possible for PS2 shipments to be that high but I think the more likely scenario is the one you present.

Nice data mining.

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Great work, kudos.
PS3 is well over what VGC shows, no doubt.

Wow, very good analysis. That must've taken a lot of time to search up the data and put together this thread. Very well done, MepH.

Very well done and good research! It looks like PS2 is under tracked by a bit on here and is undoubtedly the most sold games console ever. Amazing feat given how big the handheld DS was.

And yeah PS3 a bit more ahead of 360 than the Chartz show. 95M will probably be the total sales the PS3 gets unless it geeps getting it's priced dropped right down to $60 eventually but that's hard to see.

It's turning a very nice profit right now though because it's still a bit expensive and costs have plummeted.

Also PSP shipments were 82M so under tracked on here as well and that means it outsold the GBA.