What did you get on the SAT?

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If you took the SAT at 7th grade (or any middle school grade) give that score...If you didn't, tell me your most recent score.. P.S. I will tell mine later


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SAT? That's for juniors/seniors in high school.

I think there was like a...CAT test or something before high school, and then the PSAT in 10th grade I believe.

I took the ACT though, not the SAT.

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i stopped taking it half way thru the math and science...i ended with a 27


^Uhh...you can take the SAT in middle school...BTW, what did you get on your ACT??? EDIT: @Ben


1740 but, i'm retaking it

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^ Was that in middle school or most recent?? Judging by your post, it seems most recent so uhh NVM...

I will reveal my score 2 posts from now!!!


Here this should help

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I never got the chance to take the SAT in middle school. Is it the same as the Highschool SATs? Because a 13-year-old would have to be quite smart to get 1600 or more.

For me, I took the SAT last October. I got a 1750 on a scale of 2400. It's obove the national average, but I'm not happy with it because I could have done better. It doesn't matter anymore because I've been accepted to college anyway.

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^ Well, I guess I'm QUITE SMART" because I got a 1600 in 7th grade!!!!!!!! LOL Its above the national average..


My son did the SAT for the Duke talent program when he was on the 7th grade. He got a 570 math and 550 english...

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