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And people wonder why Nintendo fans only buy Nintendo games.

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When IGN critisizes it for having choppy framerate but gives TheLastOfUs kida GOTY and totally ignores it goes down to 18FPS or well also ignores Assassins Creed Unity's choppy framerate even when the game came out the same month as Sonic Boom then I doubt that all the review scores are legit.

Its probably disappointment in combination with being butthurt that one had to buy the game instead of getting a review copy.

Is it really that bad a game though?, with the sheep mentality in gaming these days are people jumping on the hate bandwagon. Sure its mediocre, but as bad as it is, it doesnt look like an unplayable mess. If it is technically ok, has clear visuals and can be played from start to finish then it is mediocre rather than downright bad.

Seece said:

94th out of 95th place on Metacritic at 39/100.

Was this expected a few months ago?!

Out of curiosity, would this thread have been made if Sonic Boom was an XB1 exclusive? i detect that you seem to like taunting Nintendo fans.

justiceiro said:
First, there was that deal with philips, now, with sega. Nintendo can't cacth a break, eh?

At least it was Sega making it's own IP look like shit

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I almost want to play it now, just so I can say that I beat Sonic Boom. I made it through the horrendous Miasmata despite the developers not getting something as simple as the principle of walking right so this should be a piece of cake, maybe. And I want more games to add to my Hall of Shame.

Sega and BRB didn't even want to try to make good games for their deal with Nintendo, they just took the money.

zippy said:
And people wonder why Nintendo fans only buy Nintendo games.


Well there are great third party games that sell bad on every system. Just look at Singularity and Vanquish.

Well the game does look bad, but I didn't expect it to be that bad...
Poor Sonic...

mii-gamer said:
Sega should stick to the winning formula of Colors and Generation, then proceed to refine the experience in future iterations. But they continue to shit on the legacy of their iconic mascot.

They are destroying the value of potentially valuable IP-   They should actually sell it to a company that could and would comit or it, build it back up and turn it into the profit center it should be-   It is really hard to beleive how careless Sega has been with its most iconic brand