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Soundwave said:
Jizz_Beard_thePirate said:

So.. MK8, Smash Bros, 3d world, Zelda U are games that don't/won't sell?

I'm talking about things that aren't 20-30 year old Nintendo IP that have well established fanbases. Even there, the market is showing they won't support a console just with those games anymore. Nintendo's console is largely supported by colorful mascot IP, and it's by far the worst selling home console. 

He still has a point.  Colorful games still do sell, and you can't ignore a large majority of them to make your point.  Unless you say colorful new IPs don't sell, which wouldn't be true anyway.

It's new IPs which are just hit or miss, and to sell to kids you need compelling enough software or based off a bigbrand that they know, or just market it heavily while using colorful graphics for tried and true gameplay style.

I think part of the problem is the biggest console to get kids games isn't doing well, combined with the fact that most kids, the casual market are getting their fix elsewhere, so less reason to buy games.  But still, big IPs like Skylanders or Minecraft and its myriad clones still do well.  Lego game and Skylanders always chart, and Just Dance titles do well as well.

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Or maybe people just have unrealistically high expectations?

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Soundwave said:
iTechHeads said:
Maybe the games aren't that good?
If you were a kid and you had to choose between Sunset Overdrive and Call Of Duty, which would you pick? Call Of Duty because you've heard of it and all your friends have it.

Except Sunset Overdrive, Tearaway, Puppeteer, The Wonderful 101, Rayman Legends, Nintendo Land, Pikmin 3, etc. are all legitimately good (even great in some instances) games. 

Yet this game does pretty well as a new IP with limited marketing:

Instead of this, which actually had a fair amount of marketing behind it:

"Sunset Overdrive, Tearaway, Puppeteer, The Wonderful 101, Rayman Legends, Nintendo Land, Pikmin 3,"

Another problem with your argument.  W101 Nintendo Land and Pikmin 3 was released on an underperforming console, and two of those were new IPs. Tearaway was on the Vita, nuff said.  Sunset Overdrive is on a console not known for having colorful games, and I don't even think the studio developing them are known for having hits.   

Some games just aren't going to sell well, based on a variety of reasons and new IPs have it the hardest.  Checking picking games and setting up strict criteria to support your argument seems off OP.

Times change, man. There's nothing that can be done about that sadly.

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I would be for a gaming console.

And then make a mainstream box. where all the drones can play their cinematic quick time event grey/brown realistic visials>everything games with day1 dlc.

We should finally start to differentiate between gamers and mainstreamers etc.

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I think the downfall of colourfil cheerful games not selling anymore rest purely on the fact that its only really Nintendo these days that produces those games. This in turn isn't helped by the fact that they only appear console wise on the Wii U which just doesn't sell.

I imagine there are a high number of people who would love to get their hands on Mario, Zelda etc but cannot see the justification of paying £200 or so just to play literally 2 or 3 titles. Because in reality, alot of other Wii U titles are either available on the much cheaper Ps3 and 360 (with more titles to boot also) or in superior quality on the newer consoles.

Also, platformers on a whole seem to be on the decline on other systems which is a real shame as some of the best games I've played were platformers. The original Jak And Daxter for me is second only to the Mario series for a platformer.

And as others have said. The main issue is marketing. Everywhere you look its Assassins Creed this, GTA That, COD this, Far Cry that. All well and good but not so good when there are other games hiding away in the PS Store or Xbox Store that never get a mention anywhere. This generation for example The Last Tinker on the PS4 is a fantastic platform game (that looks good as well). It will never sell well because reviewers these days mark down games like this simply because they don't fit in with what is classed as the "norm". Yet games like AC:U can get slated to high heaven yet still come out of Websites with scores like 8/10 which is obscene.

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Nintendo new this was coming. That's way they wanted MadWorld on the Wii. Best selling third party game on the console, if I remember correctly.

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Shadow1980 said:
Rab said:

People also as a rule don't wear much in the way of colour either, even with cars few have bright colours

Society as a whole is drab

Muted colours overall are percived to be mature/serious, which I think a lot of people aspire too 

You see it in architecture, too. Many stores are bland in color, and those that used to have more ornate logos have gone for things more minimalist in nature. Examples include:

Old Walmart

New Walmart

The old one was more typical of stores opened in the 80s & 90s. My first job was at a Walmart opened in the late 80s and it looked just like the one in the top picture. The bottom picture is of the new Supercenter that opened last month at the other end of town. It's just a big, brown, flat, geometric monolith near Exit 5. Also, Walmart's logo went from a cheery smiley face to a hollowed-out asterisk.

Our local mall (yes, we have a mall that's both open and thriving, apparently a rarity these days) was opened in 1978. It had an ornate butterfly motif as its logo, seen here on the left side of the facade:

The mall was renovated and expanded in 2006-07, and now it has... this thing.

It's a flower, I guess. The mall itself lost a lot of its old character during the remodel as well. The new tiling, lighting, etc., looks so nondescript.

It seems like the 80s & early 90s had a stronger emphasis on stylized designs and bold, contrasting primary colors, and malls and arcades often had colorful neon lighting. Today, everything seems more dull, muted, and minimalist, a world of glass, steel, flat earth tones, and simple geometries. It's like we're becoming just one big transnational Apple Store.

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