How to fix AC:Unity frame rate on PS4, PC? -->take it offline?

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Took Uplay offline, added 4-5 FPS. Seeing as that I was getting 26-28 before, this actually did help a ton.

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Uplay must tax the PS4's CPU heavily...

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the lag of the cloud.

Just tried it and I can't really tell. I unplugged my PS4 and the LAN cable. Then booted the game. It felt subjectively better for some time. Still had frequent noticeable framedrops though. Then I plugged the cable back in and it didn't feel much worse. I unplugged again and could not tell a difference.

Waiting for someone to make a comprehensive analysis of it.

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Digital Foundry says their tests were carried out "offline"
Also they will now test online to see if there is a difference.

"UPDATE 13/11/14 2:48pm: An interesting thread has emerged on Reddit, suggesting that taking the PlayStation 4 version of Assassin's Creed Unity offline "fixes the frame-rate issue". We're going to look into whether being online or offline has any impact on performance, and we're also going to test co-op gameplay on both Xbox One and PS4 for the upcoming Face-Off, but in the here and now, we can confirm that both performance analysis tests on this page were carried out with the day one patch installed but with both consoles running offline."


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