Did Sony get too cocky not matching the Xbone's price drop this holiday season?

Forums - Sony Discussion - Did Sony get too cocky not matching the Xbone's price drop this holiday season?

I wouldt say cocky. More like confident. Even if the Xbox sales the same or more than the PS4 I do t think Sony cares there makeing a decent profit. They will stand to make more than any other gen if thier current sales trend continues.

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So, if MS dropped the price to €199 or whatever, the other company is just to cocky by not following? this doesn't even make sense... each company have their own plans, one is desperate the other is not.. simple

It's not an issue at all, the price drop will have short term effects for Xbox One, because the preference is for Sony this generation, that's what's become clear throughout the year, even without without a price drop Sony are still ahead. Sony doesn't need one yet.

As for long term, Sony already has a tonne of exclusives lined up for next year (that's games only coming to PS4), they have 3rd party preference in the minds of more gamers this generation and they have indie games.
Sony's 1st party have been busy for ages, with more than enough time to have games ready to surprise gamers with. Uncharted 4 is coming next year, with no signs of it being pushed back, Gran Turismo has every chance of coming out next year and that's always been the biggest seller on Playstation.

PS4 has been winning the sales game and that's with only a handful of exclusives and 3rd party support, next year it will have more of both. Sony aren't cocky, the reality is that Microsoft are still behind by a big margin, the price drop hasn't given Sony anything to worry about.

Nah, they did the smart thing.  People are still going to be buying PS4's like crazy.  Now, Sony gets max profit off of those sales.  What MS has done is forsake profit, since now they are probably taking a loss on some of the XBO SKUs and maybe breaking even on others.  Personally, I think that while this has definitely moved some who were on the fence to the XBO, it mostly just moved many sales that would have happened on Black Friday and in Dec to the beginning of Nov.  If you look at the sales on Amazon for the XBO, other than the Unity bundle, the others have been out of the Top 20 for days, now.  I'm guessing since Unity has already launched, there's a possibility it will follow the same path as the other two SKUs. 

You also have to remember that Sony has a PS4 w/ GTA5 and TLOU releasing for Black Friday, with a possibility of it being available for the rest of the season.  So, we don't know who that will boost sales.  I know that's the bundle I am waiting for.  And lastly, I've also been randomly checking Gamestop and Walmart's Bestseller lists, which I believe are hourly, and the PS4 has been ahead of the XBO each and every time I have checked.  I think this month is just going to be a little trickier to predict because of the holidays that upset the usually easy to predict trends.

withdreday said:
prayformojo said:
No. This is temporary. All consoles see boosts when prices drop. The fact it though, if it's not the "it" console of the generation, it will fall back quickly a month or two later. The PS4 is well ahead and that isn't going to change because of a small bump for a month or two.

 I don't see being right. If the people on the fence about purchasing a next gen console, and they buy a bone I don't see them buying a PS4 as well unless Sony really brings it with exclusives which could take a while looking at current dev cycles.

I think if not now,, Sony will eventually have to match the One's price drop, especially if it becomes permanent.

Normchacho said:
Nope, why would they need to?

So they won't get their assed kicked this hoilday season? Duh...

They won't either way. MS needed to drop the price to be competitive. I am willing to bet that even without a price cut the PS4 sells better than the Xbox One when you combine November and December WW.

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I think they can afford to keep their price as it's only $50 more and they can still make a profit but if MS was $100 less and they don't make a move then they will lose market share. This was why the 360 had such a big share in US and UK. We can say all we like about losing $$ but MS is printing money while Sony can't afford to bleed more. To those who don't think MS can afford to do so if they really want to win - take a walk back to memory lane. Internet Explorer was developed and launched for free. It had 0% share while Netscape basically owned the market. Now Netscape is gone. WordPerfect and Lotus 1-2-3 had 90%+ market share... now who uses those. If MS wants to win the living room at all cost and price the One at $199 to launch even if it meant they would lose money to gain share, Sony will be in big trouble. The difference now is Bill Gates is no longer the CEO and MS is not the same company anymore.

Personally I prefer if all three players have good market share to keep them all innovating. As soon as you have a player too dominant, you have complacency. Look at iPhones - they have pretty much stayed the same for years until Android started to eat away at it's market share. But imagine if Apple launches an iGame box even for $800, you will have all the Apple fans line up around the block and buy 40 million of them in a year.

While I will love to see a price drop for PS4 in my opinion it is in the right price because it offer more than the competition.

The price drop that will happen at the end of the next year will be the $299.

No...doing a price drop to match them would just make it look like they're worried. Sony never does their deals til closer til Black Friday. MS has a temporary price cut and a temporary boost, so what if Sony loses one week (maybe one month) in one territory when they're still selling very well in that territory and still dominating the market WW. Despite the X1 doing well in America last week Sony was still first that week. Nothing to worry about at all. Only Xbox fanboys think that winning in America is all that matters:)

Microsoft will probably make less money of the Xbox One than Sony with the Vita!

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Better strategy for Sony is to wait until they can pull a $100 price cut and still sell at a profit. Taking such a huge chunk off the console price all in one hit will cause many bulged trousers.

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