Did Sony get too cocky not matching the Xbone's price drop this holiday season?

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S.T.A.G.E. said:

Sony has a GTA V and Last of US bundle with the PS4 for $400. It will boost the sales in a day. Microsoft is working to match Sony's numbers or do better. If Sony wins Black Friday they can ride into december with solid sales. MS will eventually have to pick the price back up in January, so their sales will go back to normal. If MS succeeded in creating hype then they should have a fun time with Sony as the year continues to move forward.

You're probably right, I just wonder is the GTAV bundle black friday only or will it stick around for the entire holiday? If the latter is true, then they have a lot less to worry about.

mii-gamer said:
They don't need to. Besides Microsoft has balls deep pockets and Sony... I don't think they can afford to match the price war.

Great point. Sony is hurting outside of the Playstation divison. But seeing how they're giving away a copy of the Last of Us with the PS4, I wouldn't think a $50 price cut would hurt them that much, but then again, it does add up.

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prayformojo said:
No. This is temporary. All consoles see boosts when prices drop. The fact it though, if it's not the "it" console of the generation, it will fall back quickly a month or two later. The PS4 is well ahead and that isn't going to change because of a small bump for a month or two.

 I don't see being right. If the people on the fence about purchasing a next gen console, and they buy a bone I don't see them buying a PS4 as well unless Sony really brings it with exclusives which could take a while looking at current dev cycles.

I think if not now,, Sony will eventually have to match the One's price drop, especially if it becomes permanent.

Normchacho said:
Nope, why would they need to?

So they won't get their assed kicked this hoilday season? Duh...

don't panic for one week after a price cut and a bunch of bundle deals. even the gamecube got close to the ps2 a couple weeks during it's lifetime

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Sony will have a long term strategy laid out for the PS4 ~ price cuts, bundles, deals and announcements. An extremely premature reaction to the competition spiking for a few weeks would be reckless and ultimately cost them hundreds of millions.

They will stick to their plan, and while they will watch what the competition do, it's unlikely to change their strategy much.

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If your product is constantly outselling the other guys, month after month after month for an entire year,
Even with them bundling in Madden,
and Destiny
and Forza,
and with a $50 price cut,
and with them taking out Kinect,
and with them bundling in AC:Unity.

If they still cannot match your product in units sold, then why the hell would you lower the price of your product to match theirs ?

Sorry man, that just a silly question.

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I seem to be in the minority, but I think they were indeed too cocky. They had Microsoft right where they wanted them, and this was a great opportunity to deliver a big blow. Instead they're giving the Xbone an edge.

Would a drop mean making less money per unit? Yes. But install base is more important than basically anything. And more Xbones landing in peoples' houses means more exposure and more curious friends and ultimately even more sales. You've got to keep your competition down, even if it means losing some money. They're in it for the long haul, and this is a sensitive part of the generation.

Most people don't look at specs and policies and stuff; they look at price. The Xbone entering the market at a higher price strangled it. Lowering the price boosted it. Lowering it further is going to do even more. Sony not matching them is ridiculous to me.

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It's called business. They don't need to react yet.

They won the week against a barrage of XB1 incentives (albeit by a small margin). Looks more like they had confidence on the PS4 holding its ground.

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They're profiting off each console sold while clearing stocks like lightning. Why would they want to drop the price?

Microsoft is losing and big it cost $471 to initially make the X1 and $381 to make a ps4 Microsoft was expected to lose $1billion at $500 consoles that has drastically risen since they had to remove kinect and lower prices further. This is no time to celabrate Sony's making bank could be used to buy out game companies and improve software if Microsoft lowers its price its gonna stay in that price range if it goes back to its default price 2nd hand sellers can resell and make profit and the X1 will have a slow selling start considering the price increase