Has Ubisoft spread itself too thin?

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Ubisoft is now a bigger company than EA. They became big with a lot of famous (yet controvercial games). Unlike EA Ubisoft actually makes new IPs and invests in them. But since a few years they seem to have a lot of doings and it seems its out of their reach.

Almost all of their recent games have been downgraded and poor decisions angered fans over all platforms (rayman). Currently they are supporting a lot of platforms and it seems its out of their reach. Example, AC Rogue (last gen "only" game) that will be coming to PC in 2015 and I wont be shocked if it comes of PS4 / Xbox One.

I dont mind with the varietly of platforms their games can be played. But I do care of thir quality. I think this is the beginning of the supply of poor quality games on a regular basis from Ubisoft.

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Just yesterday I was thinking about how much they've grown since the Sands of Time days. Perhaps Rouge should have come out this year and Unity held back and optimized for next year.

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Ass parity has issues, texture and assets pop in. npcs all Jotty and not fluid, visuals closer to Black Flag then the bull shots they fed us.

Only AC i think they need to slow down with, AC rouge could of been on ps4/x360 as well with Unity coming out next year.

Other games seem to be fine with releases though

That's what I just said in the other thread about the meta. I'm hoping that this is only applicable to AC and they don't have too much crossover between teams as I don't want FC4 to suffer (it looks fantastic so far)

They're going to make 4 open world games within 6 months (ACU, ACR, WD, and FC4).  That's pretty damn overbearing all the while developing The Division.

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Ubisoft are now bigger than EA? Since when?

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Yep, their milking has gone too far


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They've made a lot of games that sell a lot

And they've done so by having overlapping developments and huge dev studios

I'm not going to make judgements about Unity until I play it later this week (UK). But Ubi's games have been a tad sloppy for some time

UMM what.

Ubisoft marketcap - 1.57 Billion
EA marketcap - 12.82 Billion

EA is more than 8 times bigger than Ubisoft

Ubisoft used to be my favorite developer back in their sands of time trilogy. With their recent policies and as much as I want another POP I'm thankful they put the game on hiatus, which is kind of ironic since their cash cow AKA Assassin's Creed, was originally a POP spin-off.

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