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Arkaign said:
Intrinsic said:

I think his thraed is as premature as all the threads that were made when the XB1 had multiple skus in the top 10.

I also think he has a point being that just two days agao the XB1 had at least 2 skus above the PS4 and now its only one. There is no saying that in two weeks it doesn't drop some more.

To OP, you are wrong about the price drop failing tough. It accomplished/is accomplishing exactly what it was supposed to. Boosting sales of the XB1. 

This is all very true. It's simply too early to determine much other than :

The X1 initially sold REALLY well with the price drops, and is now falling. But how far will it fall?

We still have yet to really see what Sony has planned for the US this holiday, and it seems ludicrous that they don't have some surprises.

A positive for X1 is that this action can hopefully spark some clearing of the old SKUs that weren't selling well. It is often overlooked how damaging it can be to overproduce/overload the channel, because then more attractive newer SKUs have less space to go, and retailers are more hesitant to place big orders for them. This early November boost gives them more credibility and the odds of getting big orders coming in for BF through Christmas.

X1's big problems however don't really include this Nov/Dec. Even if they lose, it won't be by a huge margin (they won't win by much either if they do of course). Their huge issue is that sales are almost certainly going to tank hard from Dec 26th onward. The baseline demand hasn't been there, and the lineup seems heavy towards things that will favor PS4 all the way into deep in 2015.

I actually think this is great for gamers, one company losing pretty hard on a regular basis, as it creates pressure to make better deals.

If X1 hadn't lost so many NPDs in a row, often by huge percentages, would we see these excellent $349 bundles a year in? Not a chance. And unless we're living in a true bizarro-world, Sony will come out with some great deals to counter as well, as surely they won't simply do nothing for the rest of the year, it would be incredibly ignorant to believe that. And in 2015 when the X1 is getting pummelled, we have an excellent chance of seeing $299 and even $249 X1 deals by mid-year.

i'm not sure how quickly sony can just announce a bundle or whatever.  at this point the holiday plan is more or less set and we'll see how things ride out.  the big wild card is sony's december event.  the highest sales week is the last week before xmas and if sony can highlight just how much is coming in early 2015 as compared to xbox's lack of anything they could really take the wind of of ms's sails especially if sony has something really good to annouce.

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It's kind of funny how this thread is "premature" (which I agree with) but the XOne Amazon tracking thread was "facts at the moment."

OT: I haven't checked the actual charts but I'm assuming the AC: Unity bundle is the One SKU in the top ten?

All that really shows is that the price drop won't give XBO a landslide NPD victory. Let's wait for NPD, I'm sure it will be close.

PotentHerbs said:
It's kind of funny how this thread is "premature" (which I agree with) but the XOne Amazon tracking thread was "facts at the moment."

OT: I haven't checked the actual charts but I'm assuming the AC: Unity bundle is the One SKU in the top ten?


Techmaster said:

This is probably a better way to keep track as it's for the month of November rather than hourly - http://www.amazon.com/gp/bestsellers/2014-11/videogames

Currently there are 5 XB1 bundles in the top 40 compared to 1 PS4 bundle - will be interesting to see how it goes

I agree.


Also, the SO XB1 bundle is going in and out of stock.  So, if enough stock shows up, it can move even further up the chart or at least stay where it is.  Same thing for some of the other bundles.

I would guess it is still 2 to 1.  

It is near the end of the end....

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Azerth said:
Yeah well MCC is higher then any ps4 game so there

How about we see wat the numbers are in NPD before we say it failed

How about we see what the numbers arr in NPD before we say it was hugely succesfull?

Anyway, this again proved that amazon sales are an inverted bell-curve for predicting sales. It has a tendency to go from one extreme to the other, without stopping kn the more likely middle-ground.

Xbone and PS4 and yes, even the little ole' U will do fine during the holiday. With PS4 and Xbone battling it out with guns... literally. It'll be interesting to see what happens when actual numbers are released though. But for those who think the Xbone will even come close to the PS4, just stop telling yourself lies. Do you know how long it would take for Xbone to sell an extra 7 million to catch up with PS4, Considering that the PS4 will be doing damage of its own? But to tell the truth, I don't care. I just want each to post profits... which they haven't been doing lately...

I think pretty much any thread on the price drop or the holiday performance of the Xbox One is premature. It seems to have done a good job of boosting sales but I think people are being naive if they think this will win the Xbox One the holidays or mark a turning point in the U.S.

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so funny, it pops to the top as a massive discount is announced and bundles that are just about to release, and people go haywire way to early about what it means. now when things start edging back to normal, its "too early" to make anything out of it.

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