Today's my 7-year anniversary for joining VGChartz

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How long have you been a member here?

Less than 1 year 34 27.64%
1-2 years 12 9.76%
2-3 years 4 3.25%
3-4 years 3 2.44%
4-5 years 7 5.69%
5-6 years 5 4.07%
6-7 years 27 21.95%
7-8 years 21 17.07%
8+ years 10 8.13%

6 years myself... 7 years ago, I had a new ps3 and was slowly quitting PC gaming. My interest in gaming as a industry started. Meanwhile I got married and now have a few grey hair.
Congrats on this amazing milestone...

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7 years, 8 months.

My 8th gen collection

Glad you managed to make this thread. Congrats!


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

Hi, I'm Landguy, it has been 7 yrs 2 months and 3 days since I lost my mind :)

Why don't they update the badge system to include some of us more veteran site people?

It is near the end of the end....

Congrats on seven years, OP!

I joined myself in 07, in August, after having lurked since late 06.

In August 2007

-I was lived in my home county still, only a few hundred yards from my good 'ole mum

-I really enjoyed console gaming and had bought about 150-200 games for the PS2

-I wrote retarded posts in here and was really upset about the Wii owning the competition

-I had a shitty job working for a shitty boss who is still a shit today



-I live in another country and a big city, despite being a hillbilly from birth

-I no longer enjoy console gaming and have become a PC elitist prick

-I write less retarded posts but I write some that are too damn long and I have also managed somehow to become a mod

-I have two jobs that I love and I make a pretty decent amount of money


All in all; I feel that life has improved a lot over 7 years and things keep getting better!

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My how time flies! We got old. :(

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Shit thats a long time, ive been here for years I wanna say. I was lurking like a few months before I joined. I still remember being in the 12th grade when I first joined I would post in Math and science classes a lot lol.

6 years and 11 months for me. I read.. but don't post much.

d21lewis said:

My how time flies! We got old. :(

Omigosh, the memories! Definitely scored on almost all the questions. It's like a second family here.

Congrats! Mine's coming up in just 2-1/2 weeks as well. Was a lurker here from the 2006 holiday season, and have been a full fledged member for nearly 7 years and counting.

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