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nintendo > ms > sony

The one advantage of having friends that have consoles/handhelds that you don't have is that you can borrow each other's consoles and play the exclusive games! I do that from time to time like lending my wiiU for the x1 or lending my 3ds for a vita or lending my steam library for money and sex


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Sony>Nintendo>>>>>>>>>MS would be my wish.

They have had about 2 exclusive games that I would spend $60 since they entered gaming and they were Sunset and Gears 1 (at the time). They also ruined FPS with the Halo 2 weapon limit and regenerating health. That's why I LOVED Resistance 3. It dialed us back to a time before Halo (or just followed HL2) with health packs which made things infinitely more tense and a massive amount of creative weapons that UPGRADED.

The only thing I don't like about Sony is their advertising and focus on just a couple franchises while some true gems like Sly 4, Puppeteer, Twisted Metal, and Resistance 3 go unnoticed by the public.

Nintendo honestly the elitism of their fans annoys me especially because I am one (hell I have a WiiU so that's very exclusive company anywhere other than this site). They just act like their games are on another level and while they are great I don't value them any higher than other masterpieces be them Sony first party or third party games.

Sorry if I offended anyone with this but this is how each has effected me personally. I LOVE Sony and Nintendo but MS could disappear and I wouldn't be hurt at all. Not that I'm wishing that they can have their pie slice and be happy it's no skin off my back other than the damage Halo has already done to one genre and the online focus they brought that forced Sony to compete.

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Sony>Microsoft>Nintendo or
whatever the order winds up being...

Because the choices that consumers make should be respected more than my opinion.

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Tachikoma said:


Since when has more choice and more great games ever been a bad thing?

Pick the console you want and enjoy the games it has to offer, if the other console gets something you want to play, work hard, save up and get that too, the added benefit of all three consoles doing well is the price wars make owning more than one much easier on the wallet.

A game being better or worse on another platform doesn't change how the game is on yours, you shouldn't be happy or sad, just enjoy the games you like and that's all you need to do.

Having fun with friends is more fun than insulting others for playing on another system.

its a bad thing only when people cant afford to buy all 3 systems....i full honestly believe thats what causes the "console war"  

There can't be three winners. There's one winner, and two losers.

Sigs are dumb. And so are you!

Me too.

My grammar errors are justified by the fact that I am a brazilian living in Brazil. I am also very stupid.

Nintendo was always the winner and will be the winner this gen.

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What a boring message and thread.

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