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As part of a new promotion announced today, retailer GameStop will pay you $125 in store credit when you trade in an eligible PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 and apply the funds toward the purchase of a newPlayStation 4. That means you can get the new console for $275. Not too bad.

The deal does come with something of a catch, however. To be eligible for the $125 credit, you need to trade in a 20 GB or greater PS3 or a 250 GB or greater Xbox 360. The deal starts today and runs through November 9.

If you're looking for savings on an Xbox One at GameStop, you're out of luck. But Microsoft itself has launched a promotion where you can get an Xbox One for $250.

GameStop's PS4 deal was announced today as part of a wider announcement of the retailer's plans for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare midnight launch events. Though Advanced Warfare doesn't officially launch until November 4, the Day Zero edition goes on sale November 3, which means retailers like GameStop (and Walmart) are holding their launch events on November 2.

Starting at 6 PM local time on November 2, more than 4,100 GameStop stores will stay open through midnight to sell the first copies of Advanced Warfare at 12:01 AM on November 3. In-store activities will include gaming tournaments and giveaways.


Gamers who buy a new PS4 console and a copy of Advanced Warfare for PS4 during the midnight launch event will receive a free year of PlayStation Plus. This subscription, which continually rewards gamers withall manner of excellent games, normally sells for $50.

Finally, GameStop said it will offer a $10-off coupon for another big-name Activision game, Destiny, allowing anyone to get the PS4 or Xbox One version of the game for $50. You'll need to visit GameStop's Facebook page to get the coupon, though it doesn't appear to be live yet.


source: http://www.gamespot.com/articles/how-you-can-get-a-new-ps4-for-275/1100-6423229/

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If only ps4 or x1 had backwards compatibility...

Why the minimum storage disparity between the PS3 and 360?

But i thought PS4 had no deals this holiday!

**** is getting serious in the US.

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Zekkyou said:
Why the minimum storage disparity between the PS3 and 360?

PS3 is more expensive.

My PS3 have estimate and sentimental value...

I can't.

I already have one too

I am guessing the ''momentum has shifted back to PS4's side''. Also no thanks my ps3 is my baby, plus I already aheva  ps4 :)

Damn...that's awesome...but I'm keeping my PS3...

Bet with Adamblaziken:

I bet that on launch the Nintendo Switch will have no built in in-game voice chat. He bets that it will. The winner gets six months of avatar control over the other user.

Those 12GB PS3 owners getting left out once again...

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