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Should Polygon now do this to all games?

Yes 109 61.24%
No 41 23.03%
Samuel L 'Mother F*cking... 26 14.61%
irstupid said:
I only ever see people bitching about Polygon.

how about everyone just boycott polygon. If no one goes to their site, then they go out of business and there, problem solved.

Polygon was funded by Microsoft.  As long as they give shit reviews to PS4 exclusives they will be fine.

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Yes, in fact, I think more reviewers should evolve their scores based on online/server experience.

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I dont mind reviewers taking into account network stability, as long as its a part of their review criteria and each game is tested accordingly.

Similarly, with regards to review scores getting updated, i dont mind it as long as the reviewers are consistent with dealing with all games in the same way. In this case that would be updating every review that needs updating.

So as long as the reviewers are consistent in criteria and evaluation, then anything goes really. If they not consistant then it becomes a problem.

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As long as they are going to do it to every game going forward, as well as update the reviews when the game's problems are fixed, I have no problem with this. My only fears are that some may do it to make a point, or for fanboy reasons, then never up the score after the game is fixed. And that it will only be done to the more known games, while smaller ones are left as is.

foodfather said:
Yes. Hell yes.

This way you wouldn't have games like MW2 scoring 91 on metacritic.

MW2 has a 94 metacritic.

OT: Well if you lower the score of a game, you better be ready to raise it when patches come out, that's only fair. Imagine if BF4 or GTA5 had their scores changed because their MP's were atrocious at launch.

BF4 did have its review score changed after release due to bad online lol

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That's the wrong question. The question should be whether reviews of online dependant games should be reviewed under real world conditions or under pre-release online conditions?

Personally I think what reviewers did with Destiny was the right thing to do and I wonder why reviewers didn't take the same approach with Driveclub. Reviewing an online dependant game under real world conditions will expose any and all flaws and bugs and thus there will be no need to revise the review score later on.

But there's also the question of whether accounting for the quality of the online service should count towards the official review score or not. with a game like Driveclub the online aspect is really not what's important about long term enjoyment so long as it's fixed. What's more important are the cars, their performance, their customisability, the physics, sound, deformation mechanics, track variety, race modes etc. If I had a problem with online and I was reviewing I'd make an official score with the assumption that online would be fixed, but at the conclusion of my review I'd say until online is sorted the game really on rates a [official score - X] and depending on what X is it would either be a recommendation to get the game now any way (if I thought it was a good game at its core) or a recommendation to wait until online is sorted and running as it should.

What I hope happens as a result of drive club is more pre-launch open Beta for games that are highly reliant on online play, to better stress test the online service.

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Polygon is only making things worse by paving the way for "review dlc"... hey developers, wanna turn that 7 into a 9? Patch the game and add some extra stuff to it lol.

On 2/24/13, MB1025 said:
You know I was always wondering why no one ever used the dollar sign for $ony, but then I realized they have no money so it would be pointless.

what i know is they will only change it to worst and won't change it to better even things turns good in future...

so why the hell we should ever care about such a troll site reviews... 

Wagram said:
I think it's fair, but I think it's pretty petty to single out one developer. Why was there never review drops for Skyrim? It only ran at sub 10fps on my PS3. It only had 1,000 bugs and glitches. But Driveclub, has server troubles 5/10!

It amazes me how often games released by Bethesda just get a pass due to the "that's just how Bethesda games are" excuse.  Are their games fun?  Yes, of course they are.  However, reviews are supposed to be judged on fun factor, as well as their technical prowess, or lack thereof.  It just makes me laugh to see people bitching about glitches in games that they would 100% excuse if it was Bethesda.

To be honest... i dont care in the least. Its clear to me that that website does all it can to get clicks. I dont plan to feed them.