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Should Polygon now do this to all games?

Yes 109 61.24%
No 41 23.03%
Samuel L 'Mother F*cking... 26 14.61%
Pipedream24 said:
Way too many games are being released unfinished and unpolished. People paying full launch price for a game and not being able to enjoy many of it's features is just inexcusable. You are going to charge for a beta, fine let people no that up front. So yes, they should have dropped their review score and so should everyone else. The game is a mess.

It's just too easy for the developer to release an unfinished game and patch it later. Hardly any backlash so they keep doing it.

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I think every reviewer, especially those who put a score on a game, needs to do this when a game changes substantially.
Killer Instinct for XB1 is one example of a game that's evolving a lot over time, and was fairly bare bones when it first launched.

I think it's fair, but I think it's pretty petty to single out one developer. Why was there never review drops for Skyrim? It only ran at sub 10fps on my PS3. It only had 1,000 bugs and glitches. But Driveclub, has server troubles 5/10!

If the issues were there since launch, that score should have been there from the beginning.

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Of course they can't be fair. You should either adjust all gaming scores or none. Reviews should reflect the state of the game when it was played for reviewing.

By adjusting the score post release they prove that they themselves are not capable of reviewing. Games with strong online focus should never be reviewed pre release. If you are too stupid to grasp that simple concept, you shouldn't be allowed to review, even less to change reviews because of personal incompetence.

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I do like that part of Polygon although the rest, including a lot of their reviews and articles they write, are garbage. So yea, that upgrade/downgrade part should be part of all review process


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It isn't, because I just see this as baiting. "Why did Polygon lower the score? I have to click to see it." They've been doing this for a long time with other games, just in a different fashion.

would be weird if they didn't do this to all games. because they went that route, I'd say continue.

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Don't need to do it, issues with games are common, I played 20 hours of Skyrim and everything went well and then I checked some forum posts and saw their were some players who already had issues after 2-3 hours of playing..

BF4 was like unplayable for me especially the single player that deleted my save files...but a lot of players stated they had hardly any issue with a game (except few connection issues)...

The difference between those games and Driveclub is that for Driveclub every player had/have the server issue problem... the game is now almost two weeks on the shelves;.

Updates/issues depends mostly on a group of players so I would not review games over and over again..

Polygon should just go and disappear.

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