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vivster said:

Hahaha :D we have a winner

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GamechaserBE said:

Sailor Moon a girls show?  And no anime never gave me those feelings...

so, anime always gives you those feelings?

Egh, I don't see a problem with it. In a society where GTA is selling tens of millions, I don't think most people can take any sort of high ground. Censorship is awful, but being anti-censorship means taking the good with the bad.

o_O.Q said:

all of this outrage is actually kind of funny

had i posted some nonsense about "support the troops" or some other nonsense about backing armed forces i'd get for the most part unwavering support

the irony here is killing me... it just shows how when you gain control of the perception of people you can make them loose sight of reality


if senseless killing really angers you then put your efforts into actually stopping wars and reducing senseless hatred between people

that is the solution not lol attacking some indie video game

Yeah, it is kind of entertaining and at the same time sad to see people argue about what violence is better than the other.
"oh but they are bad guys".. they think the exact same thing about you..

Sure.. it is pretty hard to justify the killing of civilians.. untill you get the information that they are in fact terorists.. then it is friggin' a-ok! MURICA! etc.

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sounds like a few games, where you just wonder around and kill tons of people. Idk, thats just me.

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I don't know if this was already mentioned, but this game reminds me of Postal. the mass killing game released in the 90's.
How is this game really any different than any other game where the objective is too rack up body counts? Why did no one cause a ruckus when Hotline Miami was released?
this is no different than the movie the Purge, and others like it. It is just seen instead through the eyes of the person wanting to kill.

The game looks dumb and boring. Oh wow, a game that's made for just killing people... At least in GTA it's an optional thing to do, and fun; Running and then jumping into a person sitting on a bench and it insta-kills them for some reason... THAT's fun and hilarious.

This reads like it's just using Hatred to take another limp, impotent swing at GamerGate. Yeah misogyny is a bad deal, but how is it in any way relevant to this game?

"Blah blah female journalists blah blah Anita Sarkeesian blah blah blah here's a link to Hatred's official website blah blah GamerGate! Please click on my article guys, I'm totally topical!"

I dislike top down shooters as a genre and this actual game itself I find distasteful and a little repugnant. This is rather confusing to me as my favourite game this year is currently Shadow of Mordor which might as well be called Murder Simulator... perhaps it is hitting a little too close to home?

Regardless of my distaste for the game though, I find no reason for why it shouldn't exist and encourage the developer to do whatever the fuck he wants with it.

This seems like one of those pointless feminists articles complaining about the industry not being inclusive.
complains about pointless shooting and murdering (saying in gta and lotr universe it makes sense) but fails to see in real world pointless murdering makes some sense to the killer.
It probably is a shit game and I won't buy it but hardly a reason to hate the game and ask to dump it.

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