What are your (main) reasons why you bought the Wii U?

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Pikmin 3, and the promise of an eventual Zelda. I also assumed that there would be a lot of other stuff I liked, but this is turning out to not be the case. (Everyone else seems to be enjoying it, which is great, but the library is just not doing it for me.)

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Myself I found a good deal on one and it was mainly because I wanted to play sm3dw and other exclusive and its a console that I knew my kids would enjoy.
Afterward I found that I really like it myself, love the gamepad as its great for netflix and browsing the internet, the game roster on the console is amazing, lots of must have games and it keeps me happy. Basically we are always using the WiiU, whether its for playing games or watching netflix etc. I can't say the same about my PS4 which is collecting dust but I mainly use it to play blurays.

I originally bought my WiiU because I simply wanted to have the console as soon as possible! I should have waited until 3D World's release though...

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I waited until Mario Kart 8 was released then I purchased the Mario Kart 8 bundle. Also, it's backwards compatible with Wii games and I still love to play Mario Kart Wii. Another thing is free online play and gamepad controller with off tv play. Nintendo's exclusives are awesome as well!!

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I traded in my PS3 and got it for pre-order when it was available because the moment I saw Pikmin 3 I had to get one. Getting MH3U was another great factor and I was also just wanted the next Xenoblade game as well. Lots of great games and can't wait for Bayonetta 1+2 next week.

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For two reasons:
1.) The games (both Nintendo and the little bit of 3rd party support they get)
2.) Nintendo is the last console maker that wants to offer a unique console experience. PS4/Xbone are PCs that you plug into your TV, PCs are PS4/Xbones that you plug into a monitor. Boring.

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50% Hypes 50% knowing I will enjoy the games

Wii U has so much potential it's not even crazy. For all of the exclusives Nintendo represents and hasn't seen in years (F-Zero, Metroid, Star Fox,) this could revolutionize and reboot its sleeping exclusives. I got a Wii U practically because I believe in Nintendo that we'll be getting bigger and better things in shorter time. Games like Smash and Splatoon has hit it home for me.

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