Crytek is opened to bring Ryse on PS4 !

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I'm sure a port would be profitable, but the longer they wait, the less it will sell.

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Aerys said:
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I have Ryse on the x1, it's a good game for $15.00 but deff not a $59.99 or a game I would be happy about of a small % coming to the PS4. Crytek keeps crying about sales...maybe if they made a good game it would sell.

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better then knack

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I thought Ryse was pretty good. Guess nobody on PS4 wants it. No point in bringing it over. :(

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binary solo said:

I doubt PS4 owners are open to buying Ryse on PS4.

We already know that developers who own their IP are eventually free to take their games to other platforms, and we already know Tomb Raider will come to PS4 at some point. As the PS4 --> Xb one gap widens the time between Xb one launch and PS4 launch decreases. I reckon it'll be on PS4 by January 2015. Though it won't be announced until after Xbo one version has launched.

I'm sure there will be a few who are curious. I don't really hold Cryteks gameplay to any level of greatness or anything. They are ok at best but brilliant when it comes to graphics. If they want to get it done it better be in early 2015 or else. Sony's heavy hitters will becoming out next year and I doubt they will care. It's not the first time MS has made Sony wait year to get games. 

Don't want.

I don't want this game. Fix Crysis first. Than maybe I'll care about their games.

As far as ryse goes, I, along with many in this thread and probably most in general, do not care, however, it would set an interesting precedent. Xbone exclusives are already falling to pc in droves, if they start coming to ps4 and finding more favorable sales, then the price of moneyhatting for microsoft is going to become a lot steeper.