Nintendo gamers: Could you even afford to be a Sony or Microsoft gamer?

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$ wise yes. In time, no.
I have Hyrule warriors DLC, Mario kart DLC, Pokemon sapphire, smash bros wii-u, bayonetta 1 &2 and captain toad.
not to mention back catalog and wishlist games.

June 2 2015 will likely be the day i buy a new system, which I still am undecided even which one to get:
X1 - Batman, halo collection (never played any) and tomb raider 2 (1st one was MY GOTY over last of us)
ps4 - Batman, The order and uncharted 4

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Early August I was considering a ps4/xb1 purchase. I was in the store with the cash in my pocket but couldn't decide which one I wanted so I looked at the games available. There was NOTHING that interested me. So I took the cash (which I absolutely HAD to spend) and bought this instead.

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I'd have alot of extra money considering there aren't any games I want to play on either of those consoles

I'm doing pretty good as a Nintendo and Sony gamer. Haven't slowed down buying games.

I'm already struggling to keep up with 3Ds and Wii U releases in terms of time and money. I also don't care for games on non-nintendo platforms. Sure it'd be fun to play them but i'll never have a reason to pick up more consoles because i was never heavily invested in third party games.

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Surely having too many games is a good problem.  You don't have to "catch em' all".

My 8th gen collection

As others already said its the time, not the money.
And why would you buy all that is released just because it is released ?
I have a ps4 and buy one game this month and planning to buy one game next month (Dragon Age)

Well I'm more of a Microsoft gamer and Nintendo is my second choice. I can afford to be both a MS and Nintendo gamer but I don't have enough time to play as much as I want.


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lol I can help but feel like the OP was sarcasm...........not surprisingly.

I own a PS3, and there are still games coming out for it, though few left that I would likely get, unless (hopefully) Tekken x SF EVER comes out, and is on PS3. I do not see myself getting PS4 for a very long time, if ever. It seriously needs about 5-6 games I REALLY really want, as well as some major price drops. So not for a few years, at least, I think. Like I said, if ever.

At this point, Wii U already provided more than enough gaming for me, between Nintendo retail, indie titles on eShop (which I'm sorry to say is most of what I'm most excited for these days. Must be the old school gamer in me.), and some VC releases (GBA games!).

Outside of that, if I REALLY want/need anything, I can usually get it on Steam. So I'm good.

Two of the three games you mentioned are very passable although I might pick up Falling Skies on the cheap one day. Could be a fun little strategy game combined with me being a fan of the show.