Are you getting a WiiU?

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Are you getting a WiiU?

Already own one 573 66.01%
Yes, before 2014 is over 63 7.26%
Yes, by the end of 2015 64 7.37%
No 100 11.52%
view results 68 7.83%
Experimental42 said:
I honestly feel bad for those without it and those dumb enough to sell it.

Quite frankly, it's currently the console with the most good-great titles this gen.

Feel bad for yourself. You are an idiot

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Yessss but until later next year, hopefully there'll be a Xenoblade Chronicles X or Zelda bundle

daredevil.shark said:
I havent purchased for two reasons. Extremely limited (yet good) software support. Tablet less version (which will probably never come).

There will never be a tabletless version. The system was designed with NFC and Asymmetric  Game Play in mind, and there are several titles that are literally impossible to play without the touchpad.

That said, they should really package a Pro controller with the system. Just got one today to play the Bayonetta 2 Demo in comfort. It's amazing but it takes a little bit to get used to the face button location. A and X are in the same absolute position as an XB controller, but the B and Y buttons have had their locations swapped with the right stick.

I've had my Wii U since December 2013 and I have more fun on it than the X1 and PS4 combined. It also has the most exclusives I've enjoyed so far; Mario Kart 8, Pikmin 3, Sonic Lost World, Wonderful 101, ZombiU, DK Tropical Freeze, Super Mario 3D World, Hyrule Warriors, and soon to be added into my library.. Bayonetta 2, Splatoon, Mario Maker, Captain Toad, Star Fox U, and Super Smash Bros.

I will get Wii u before getting Xbox one for sure, but not now maybe on 2015, reason; i am still collecting money and waiting Xenoblade X Chronicle to come.

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I will never get one. Even if I win one I'd think about selling it.

...Let the Sony Domination continue with the PS4...
Experimental42 said:
I honestly feel bad for those without it and those dumb enough to sell it.

Oh you feel bad??? thats mean you willing to give me some money to buy one LOl. For people who sell it. maybe they have another reason to sell it and not all people satisfied with what Wii u offer. Just be positive and respect other people choice.

No and I refuse based on principles. I feel Nintendo's direction is anti-consumer. It makes no sense to own two consoles. Would you buy an extra blu-ray player just to be able to play Sony-published movies? Of course not, because it makes no sense to you as a consumer to shell out money for an extra device that is principally the same as the one you already own.

The problem is that Nintendo's value proposition is laughably weak. In order to play Nintendo exclusive games I am forced to accept a tablet I don't want, forfeit any upcoming third party title I may want to play all for the "low" price of 299 USD. For just 100 more I can own a PS4 or XB1 which not only plays my third party games but is also capable of higher resolutions.

Does the above make any sense to the average consumer? No, the average consumer buys the XB1 OR the PS4, not both. The only time it makes sense to own a Wii U is if you don't care about third party games and you absolutely crave Nintendo titles.

I've had one since December 2013.

Given my time for gaming is extremely limited, having a Wii U makes a lot of sense. I buy the exclusive titles I want, and don't miss out on too much. I'm also more likely to actually finish the games I do buy. With digital, Virtual Console and a 3DS, I'm not managing to keep on top of everything I want to play.

I'd love to have another console or a gaming PC at some point, but it's a question of finding the right balance.

Nope, I'll never get one. Not interested in the games it offers.