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Zanten said:
TheDrill said:
ethomaz said:

PS4 already is selling better in UK again by a good margin.

And September will be the biggest gap in sales since last year... it will be 200-300k diffference in PS4 favor.

It's not that big of a margin, considerably lower than other regions

And yet still a bigger margin than the Xbox One was able to outsell the PS4 during that one week it outsold it. O.o if the PS4's margin of outselling its competitor in the UK isn't that big, then that one week of victory for the Xbox One is infinitesimally unimportant... Even if it hadn't, in the Xbox One's case, been just ONE week.

Pay attention, I have another argument, the fact that the PS4 is not outselling the X1 significantly more in the UK and the US, so the difference in units grows very very slowly, which means X1 can rebounce at any time.

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Landguy said:

I will say, that you seem to be at least recognizing that worldwide the XB1 will be challenged for the life of the console.

I think that anyone here saying the the XB1 doesn't have a chance in the US or UK is just being bull headed.  Clearly, the US and UK market are willing to give the XB1 a chance.  The benefit the XB1 has is that when HALO 5 comes next year, a lot of the early 360toPS4 buyers may opt to come back to the fold to play it on the XB1.  That could be a huge difference in the Holiday 2015 period.

Dual conosle ownership was very common last gen, especially later in the cycle.

|Yes, especially considering the following 2 reasons:

Halo and in general FPSes were very popular with the US and the UK audience

Considering how many consoles were sold last generation, this generation is still only  less than 1/15 of units sold in the UK and the US so X1 still has lots of time.

People forget how the Wii rebounced.

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So it is happening...PS4 preorder.

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TheDrill said:
Landguy said:
I am more than interested to see where this thread goes...

OT: I think that TheDrill may not be too far off in saying that the XB1 can match the sales of the PS4 in the US and UK. Globally, it will have to have China all to itself for the next year to have a chance...

thank you.

Reasonable people always noticed that X1 is putting up a fight in the US and the UK and it's closer than people realize, especailly for 1 year of sales.

Moreover some exclusive X1 games outsold PS4 ones, and X1 software sales are really high, showing that X1 buyers are more loyal than PS4 ones.

Well shoot you ignored my question and I was being very reasonable. I had asked were your calculations based on only the XB1 increasing and not the Ps4? I asked what happens in the PS4 also increases in sales. The Ps4 would have to remain the same or go lower than the XB1 in sales for your calculations to be correct right? In the US/UK you are right it could match the PS4 in sales but to catch up they have to do more than just match them and there is where the issue lies IMO.

As for your global comment the ONLY way that would happen is if the China market exploded or the PS4 just stopped selling altogether. Outside of those two thing s I can't see any other way for the XB1 to catch up in Global sales.

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I have to say that you're very optimistic, Drill. Also you may be right....Xbox One has a big chance of catching the PS4 in the U.S. and possibly the U.K.

However, you are incorrect about Microsoft software outselling Sony though. PS4's software as a whole has sold more than Xbox's.

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TheDrill said:

Now in the UK thanks to Fiafa bundling it is outselling the PS4.

It's not, since PS4 started selling better than X1 again the week after.

TheDrill said:

Now Microsoft's strategy last generation was to buy a lot of exclusives, they can easily replicate this strategy this generation and have X1 outsells PS4, even globally.

You mean globally in the US, I'm sure.

But I've seen the PS4 outsell it globaly in the US.

Ahh, yes. The infamous "Wii rebounce." Thanks for reminding us of that one Drill. 

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Why is it the X1 has the most (i don't even know how to describe them) nuts fans on this site.

Why do the superior sales of the PS4 hurt them so much?

Can they not enjoy their console without it selling the most?

It seems not.