Is this it for WiiU in 2015?? Already bigger than 2014??

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And there´s also those two Myiamoto projects..... the Giant Robot and the Survaillence Camera project

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Copme on guys
This year has been great!



Plus the two Miyamoto side projects if they count, but I think barely.

And SMG x FE is on track for 2015 as well, Intelligent Systems said that a few months ago.

We can expect more amiibo games also, pokken fighters too.
I would bet on a nintendo land 2, the miyamoto s projects would be part of it.
Mk8 dlc and amiibo implementation also.
I expect a bigger 2015 than 2014.

I hope its better. They should have me buying a game a month!!

I would even be interested in HD remakes as fillers between new titles.

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I plan buying 8 of the games announced(Project Cars included), and I am already feeling bankrupted.... And satisfied with line-up... I just really love MK, I will miss X... but at least I have Injustice to fill the gap.

Anyone who can afford more than 10 games a year, can afford a new console..... I think that those who wants to play Third Party titles already bought an PS4/XOne....

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curl-6 said:

The Good News

AZWification said:

Let's not forget that more 2015 titles will get announced in the near future.

The Bad News

Jizz_Beard_thePirate said:

Delays! DELAYS! Remember when we said 2014 will be the biggest year ever and then X got delayed and everything got announced for 2015 except SSB, MK8, Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors and DKC? Expect DELAYS


2015 will have more games than 2014, that's pretty much guaranteed, but whether it will have better games is another matter. Mario Kart 8 and Tropical Freeze were gold tier games, and Bayonetta 2 likely will be as well. 

Well, I still believe Zelda U won't get delayed to 2016, so you never know.

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I expect an Amiibo based Nintendo MMO for Wii U.

I expect Pokemon Snap 2.

I expect either Paper Mario 4 (after SS) or Super Paper Mario 2/U.

I expect Animal Crossing U (if it's an mmo then scrap the amiibo one).

I expect a 2d Metroid game coming out, in hd, for Wii U.

I expect a 3d metroid game coming out, in hd, for Wii U.

All these I expect to be released in 2015 on top of the current list.

zorg1000 said:
I would love for Wii U to have a consistent flow of exclusive software throughout 2015 but after seeing the software output in 2013/2014 and so many delays/droughts, I'm not going to get my hopes up.

this is what I would like to see

Q1-Yoshi's Woolly World+Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
Q2-Mario Maker+Splatoon
Q3-Super Mario Sunshine HD+Xenoblade Chronicles+Star Fox
Q4-Devil's 3rd+Kirby Rainbow Curse+Mario Party 10+Fatal Frame 5+Legend of Zelda

but I wouldn't be surprised to see this

February-Captian Toad:Treasure Tracker
May-Mario Maker
August-Yoshi's Woolly World
October-Devil's Third
November-Super Mario Sunshine HD
December-Kirby Rainbow Curse+Xenoblade Chronicles X (Japan only)

Star Fox gets pushed back because of never was really planned for 2015, Mario Party 10 is purposely delayed to fill in the Q1 gap, Zelda isn't ready and becomes the holiday 2016 title, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate never comes to Wii U, and Fatal Frame V never gets localized.

those are pretty much my best & worst case scenarios, I'm expecting something in the middle.

Captain Toad will be released this year in Japan and America. Yoshi's game has been given a release window of Spring 2015.

But all the others seem very accurate, specially MH4U not coming to Wii U and probably Zelda being delayed, it should. Also, I call Mario Party 10 as the an August-November title, to have some type of Blockbuster for the holidays... Unless Mario & Sonic At Rio releases next year.


I just want Xenoblade to release already. That's all I need in my life.

curl-6 said:
fleischr said:

And also the Diddy Kong Racing rumor.

I still hope for Nintendo's sake that one's unfounded.

I still hope for Nintendo's sake that one's founded.

Well, this is new.