Can PS4 do what Wii never did? Now with Poll back in.

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Will PS4 get through 2014 as the highest selling console every week of the year?

Yes 140 50.72%
No - Xb one will beat it at least once 55 19.93%
No - Wii U will beat it at least once 21 7.61%
No - Both Wii U and Xb on... 33 11.96%
Don't know/don't care/see results 27 9.78%

That is to be the best selling home console every week for a full year. Wii almost made it in 2008, but it got pipped by PS3 on 14 June 2008.

So far PS4 is unbeaten in global (as in world wide) weekly sales.

As you can see Xb one got close twice, and Wii U got close-ish once.

Possible weeks where Xb one can be the highest selling: China launch week, Halo MCC (11 November), Black Friday (28 Nov?).

Possible weeks Wii U could sell more than PS4: Smash week (date?).

There seems to be some disagreement over whether China launch was 100K sold or 100K shipped, but if it's 100K sold then it's very possible Xb one wins that week, just depend how much of a pre-holiday season lift PS4 maintains with Destiny and Fifa legs. I expect Fifa week PS4 sales to be substantially higher than Xb one, despite the exclusive Fifa deal with Xbox because continental Europe will still go for PS4 in far greater numbers. But whether that means the 2nd week drop for PS4 will be small enough to keep the gap large enough for China not to make up the difference it the big question. I don' think Halo MCc is a big enough global draw to make much difference. It will give Xb one the top sales for the week in USA and UK, but that's all and not by a big enough margin.

By the time Smash comes out the Holiday season sales will be in full swing. It will sure give Wii U a big lift, but Wii U is so far below PS4 I'm not sure it can make up the difference without a price cut at the same time.

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XBOX ONE have sold 100K on Cina, so, no...

Week of 4 Octoer XBOX ONE will outsell PS4.

I think it could happen. But depending on MCC release date, it may or may not happen.

I may buy a Smash Wiiu which gose against everything known about me over the past 4 yrs.

It already has. No reason to belive things will change.

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Funny fact:
Even 3DS have sold less than PS4 ALL week of 2014. o_o

It can't

>Xbox China
>Wii U Smash
> Stuff.

I expect the Xbox One to beat it on Black Friday Week at least, if not this time around with the China launch.

I don't think it will. There are still so many weeks left and so many reasons it could be beaten for a week. Even if none of the other consoles can outsell it normally, the PS4 may run into stock issues causing it to lose anyway.

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Probably not but anything can happen


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