Do you use your console for other things than gaming?

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TV, DLNA, Blu-ray, ESPN, Netflix, Hulu Plus, MTV, HBO GO(360), Starz Play, Nick(360), Comedy Central, FXNow, ReddX, Skype, TwitchTV, YouTube.

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My PS3/4 are used as DVD/Bluray players.
I used to use my WiiU to watch YT on my TV, now I have a Chromecast.

Only games.

BluRays and DVDs, and couple of TV streaming apps. A bit of Live from Playstation on the PS4 and I even used it's internet browser a couple times, it's leagues better than that on the PS3 but still quite shitty especially with little amount of memory relocated to it!

So it is happening...PS4 preorder.

Greatness Awaits!

Yes! I use my Wii U for the browser everytime i'm in bed.

Its easy to use and handy. I actually have used the feature more than i played games on it. Not that i havent played games on it, i just use the browser on it alot for confort issues.

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I watch a lot of anime on my PS3. Sometimes YouTube but I mostly use my phone for that.

PS3/PS4 as a Blu Ray player, since I don't have one in my room.
But apart from that, it's just for gaming.

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listen to music

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Nope, pure games only.

always rented movies via consoles,watch amazon,netflix,sky now whatever is on the monthly,youtube docos,streaming some sport

if i want to watch on the TV i use my consoles,i guess that will change when i buy a decent smart TV next

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