Two High School Teachers Arrested For Having Threesome With 16 Year-Old Student!

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Do you believe these teachers should be punished?

Yes! 157 44.60%
No! 192 54.55%
bradley012345 said:
Why is it that when a WOMEN has sex with a underage male everyone jumps into her defense? Had it been two males and a 16 year old female everyone will beg to have them put to death. In the USA were i live females get away with so much and never get prosecuted or held accountable for their actions. And the "New Feminist" of today bash the crap outta males for being indecent and say we rape everyone we come into contact with. This double standard of today If you think the two women in this should go free then release all the MEN who did the exact same thing with the consent of the underage girls

Can't really blame feminists when even men have the same double standards. Either high five both your female friend having threesomes with two other men and your male friend who has a threesome with two women, or condemn both. But we don't, now do we? Normally I'd have no problem with that, but the fact that two of them were teachers is worng in my opinion, so no "nice" comments from me (though I do get the joke of the South Park episode).

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Scisca said:
Lucky guy. Why haven't I had such teachers? One of them is really ok. The other not so much, but hey - in his situation I'd go for it as well

The one on the right would look just as good if she was wearing some makeup.I don't see any.

The American society's and media's degree of condemnation for something that most likely didn't even harm anyone is ridiculous and despicable. These teachers may now even struggle to show themselves publicly after their names and images have spread. Again, all for something that didn't necessarily hurt anyone. (Quite the opposite, it would seem.) Was it inappropriate? Yes. Should it be considered a crime? Of course not.

The only form of consolation that can be found here is that both teachers and the student appear to be idiots. If they acted like responsible adults none of this would have surfaced. Still, they don't deserve this kind of punishment. (If the 16 year old feels remorse for his relentless bragging and the situation that he put these teachers in, his punishment is not something to overlook either.)

I think the bigger problem here is that they are teachers. That's a position of trust that you're not supposed to violate by seducing a student. Even if it was the student who seduced them it's still wrong for them to give in to that temptation. Heck, even most colleges have rules about Professors sleeping with students, even if the students are above the age of consent, it can cost you your job. It's just off-limits territory. You'd think that two people with a college education would be smart enough to not fall into that trap, but public school standards aren't all that high sadly.

Well your right double standards exsist everywhere we are not yet equal but i still dont understand why some dont see whats wrong with this head over to Sankaka Complex and theres an article about a 42 year old women being arrested for raping an 8yr old boy and everyone in the comment section is like "lucky boy" or "why is she being punished" Thats disgusting

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Just because US has stupid age laws doesn't mean he didn't know what he was doing, or was being taken advantage of, or didn't enjoy every second of it.

...but yeah, techers shouldn't get involved with students. FIre them and be done with it.


we Would have a totaly different argument if They were Ugly or 2 male.

everyone should be punished.

If you punishe just one side. Nothing will stop.


Authority figure (teacher) tho make it way wrong. I dont think we would heard about the fuzz if They where 2 housewive Ladies.


But if they were Alcoholic we can excuse it.

not defending the actions as this story would be 100x worst if two males spit roast a female student, but DAMN lucky bastard haha.



I don't know why you people point out the fact that "because females".


In my opinion, it doesn't matter if it is two females -> 16 year old guy, or two males -> 16 year old girl; just like it doesn't matter whether it's two females and a young lady, or two males and a male student.


Ethics of Teacher/student aside (Just fire the teachers for sleeping with their student; that's the biggest punishment they should receive), it is legal to have sex with 16-year-old as long as everyone gives consent. They had it? Then what's the problem?

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