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The game seems awesome. Fun demo. Best graphics in a racer thus far. Everyone brags about this game!

How did it do sales wise??

Heres me hoping for 250k-300k first week and 1.5 million by years end.

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255k w1, 1.35 million by years end.

toastboy44562 said:

Heres me hoping for 250k-300k first week and 1.5 million by years end.

Sounds like a reasonable prediction. Although let's hope for even more than that

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Spot the bait


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inb4 forza horizon 2 doesn't have the best graphics

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DaltonAbbey said:
Spot the bait

i spy with my own eye,. "Best graphics in a racer thus far."


which really is lulz worthy as graphically it doesn't even look as good as forza 5.   ...but it is open world and reasonable people judge open world games graphics on a different bar than linear games.      oh well,.. bring on the warz.

Ehh that's debatable, the two Forzas look similar. I think FH2 is prettier to look at due to being more hyper stylized (F5's didn't look good enough to pull off the realism). But needless to say they are both below other games.

Best Graphics in a racer thus far? Forza 5 looks better.. and I hope you mean best graphics in a racer on Console..

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How on earth would we know, besides anecdotal evidence?

Also, you're predicting a helluva pair of legs for FH2. 1,5 million by end 2015 is possible, but 300k first week sounds too low.

I own both Forza 5 and Horizon 2. Both games look great but Horizon 2 looks much better then Forza 5. With that being said Forza Horizon 2 is the best game I have played this gen. It would get a 9/10 from me.