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WARNING: omg yes this is yet another thread where Destiny is being criticized. If you can accept that, feel free to add your own take on the discussion. If not, please move on and lets not derail the thread shooting the messenger or thead whining please. Thanks!


Rather than two threads for these recent revelations, I thought I'd make one. TBH as I read about one on Reddit and one on GAF yesterday, I was sure there would be threads on them now already but I guess not.

Here is a Reddit thread about the story of Destiny, and some speculative (but extremely credible) theories about what happened to the story in the game, why nothing in the game is explained well and makes sense, and what can be done to fix it.

Basically last year and into this year major changes happened in development of Destiny and one was apparently a complete scrap of the story and the rush to incorporate the shitty Grimoire cards. If you look back on past videos and articles about the games story you come across references to areas we never see and characters we never come into contact with. Old Chicago, Saturn, the character Crow, among others, all playable and show off in some form or another. Now vanished. The lead writer left and now works at Microsoft writing for various 1st/2nd party titles, like Scalebound and Sunset.

Apparently they hired someone just this year to come in and do all the Grimoire cards and it was either rush to get them done and incorporate them as bare bones as possible in the game or scrap them altogether.

Now this can play out a variety of ways, which remains to be seen. They either completely scrapped the story and clearly have no idea where they're taking it, nor competent enough writers to take it anywhere (even the most diehard Destiny apologist has to admit the story is laughably terrible). The other, they are keeping the same story, but removed it from the game in order to let it seep out in DLC and sequels. SPOILER: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> One of the story elements now missing is Crow, an Awoken faction member, who tells the Guardian the truth about The Traveler and how it is actually responsible for the darkness.

Why give us that now when they can milk it out awhile?


Secondly, there is a glitch in Destiny that actually lets you see the DLC they have planned. And we know at least two of the areas are already on the disc and in the game, surely more of it is. Here is a video of the glitch.

Beyond the disappointment and disgust of on disc DLC, what a shitty set of expansions this will be. Apparently no new planets, just more story missions and a couple raids. Probably something for the lulz PVP as well. At least Bungie just saved me some money.

That is all. I would love to see Geoff do a "Final Hours of Destiny" type piece on exactly wtf went wrong with this game.

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knew this sort of crap would happen once Activision got involved.
Well, whoever was responsible for this sucks.

Ironically bungie said they wanted freedom from corporate powers to build what they wanted.

They teamed up with Activision and made a dog of a game. Activision have ruined Bungie. A lot of devs there already left early and went to 343 as we know. Then the best thing about Destiny the music by Marty is now gone for future games. They fired Marty. That's like firing John Williams from Star wars.

At least a lot of my friends on xbl who for a week were playing destiny are now not. They are playing FIFA and Warframe. hopefully the rest of Xbox live is the same. The game has to fail.

I kind of feel cheated now, I bought the expansion pass which appears to just be DLC locked on disc. This is truly a sad day for Bungie (in the fact that they went to Activision and now are ruining their reputation by letting Activision have their way with Destiny) It truly baffles me why they left MS just to go to Activision. Was the money really worth it Bungie? This is not the same Bungie that us Halo fans know.

End rant about Bungie and Activision.

Bungie; out of a very cosy frying pan into a hot as hell fire. This is all a bit smelly isn't it.

Excuses incoming.

I'm not really here!

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Just to point something... the Reedit part about story is a theory based in the guy own ass... there is no evidence or anything else supporting that.

Over 90% speculation.

Now about the DLC glitch... it is fair and shameless... unless it is only the maps used in Crucible (yeap you have maps in others planets/locations in Crucible that will come to PVE in future updates).

Every big company works like a virus, they just infect and destroy everything. And while i enjoy the game, the lack of content and endless grind are getting to me.

Ohhhhh I watched the video... there is a Raid in Reef... amazing (I thought it was only normal missions).

"Speculative Theories" from reddit

So another tales from the ass Article.

Sum up destiny.

Story - Meet character, character says wow you should of x war. then says I could tell you but can't/won't. Hidden agenda, ill tell you in dlc.

Missions - Every single mission in Destiny goes like this. Follow to terminal, press x, uh oh cue horde mode from gears of war. rinse and repeat.

Weapons/Loot - Loot is random. Really? Really? Spend all your time to get Legendary to discover it looks the same as crap I've already got. Come on.

PvP - It's better than Brink. But worse than every Halo, Killzone, And of course we had Titanfall already this year.

No matchmaking. seriously? Um what?

Biggest problem? Activision.