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The full set of themes and faceplates for the launch of the New 3DS have been revealed along with a commercial.

Themes go from 100 -200 yen and there are third party themes like Monster Hunter, Youkai Watch and Azure Striker Gunvolt

There are two sets that are free though. Simple Clear Colour Set Vol. 1 and Simple Colour Set Vol. 1


Faceplates are plentiful and very colorful. Mostly 1000 to 1500 yen but there are a couple special ones that go for 3000 yen


CM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MpQSvaduzk

Also Hipster Bowser

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Actually, it looks like some of the themes are free?

EDIT: Yeah, there are two on page 4. "Simple color set vol 1" and "simple clear color set vol 1" both marked as free.

Also holy shit there are ten different Gunvolt themes.

Also Kirby Pamyu Pamyu was so kawaii.

AstroGamer said:


Also Hipster Bowser

Samus is not amused.  And did Peach become a Pirate? Shouldn't Zelda turn back into Tetra? And Yoshi with PANTS? Plus the male Villager is wearing Pink pajamas with hearts...


Nintendo and Kyary in one commercial?! I approve! :D

The wait for New 3DS in NA is gonna be painful though.. love those faceplates.

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That commercial was awesome


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That commercial is awesome! I am going to spend a lot of money on plates!!


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Hipster Bowser, Gangster Luigi and so much more. Could this get any better xD

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I love my XL, but I'm really tempted to choose the smaller unit if/when I but the New 3DS. The Super Famicom-style buttons and customizable faceplates are real nice. And I love that commercial. :D

any for the new 3ds xl ?????

i hope they have an xl version of this stuff!!!