Which Company Do You See Leaving the Console Business First?

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Microsoft 452 77.26%
Nintendo 54 9.23%
Sony 79 13.50%

I can see MS leaving, because they can switch to PC gaming to push Windows.

Sony and Nintendo are more dependent on console gaming.

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Considering the fact that almost every XbOne exclusive is going to be ported on PC, I say Microsoft.

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Nintendo will stand the test of time, Microsoft will go out first in favor of their other divisions, Sony will probably go subscription based or focus just on PlayStation and Nintendo will be making game consoles probably for the next century.

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Microsoft first, as investors are trying to get the Xbox brand pulled.

Sony second, as they are having financial woes - next year could be worse. Despite Sony retracting, I still see someone picking up the PlayStation brand.

Nintendo last. They're the ironmen of the video game industry (some would even say cockroaches) true survivors. They'll find a way to survive until video gaming becomes obsolete.

As I'ved said before this is either sony or microsoft. Sony going bankrupt vs Microsoft downsizing/leaving at a moments notice. I would expound but I do not have a propper keyboard so typing sucks

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MoHasanie said:
Microsoft will leave first after they realize Xbox is a waste of money. Sony will leave next after going out of business, and Nintendo will leave when their savings run out.

does that mean.... Ouya will have 100% market share? 

Ouya WINS!!!!

Videogames are Nintendo's business, they still don't have any other source of income (their QoL thing is still somwehat related to videogames). It's because of that that they are the least probable of the three to leave the business.

Sony is in troubles, big troubles, but their PlayStation side of the business is one of the few that makes them win money. It's because of that that I find unlikely that Sony will exit the console business anytime soon. They will first get rid of the money-sink divisions rather than selling/shooting down one of the few profitable ones.

Microsoft. Of the threem they are the only ones that don't need videogames or consoles to have success. In fact, its common to hear shareholders complaining about the Xbox brand and asking for it to be sold because it doesn't do anything to the overall MSoft business.

It is because of that, that I'd say Microsoft is the most likely to exit this business.

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Lol @ the poll.
Even though I do think that Microsoft WOULD leave first, I know that most of the people who voted MS didn't even think, because there's only a handful of MS fans on the site.

I'd say MS are most likely to leave first. For Nintendo it's their entire purpose, for Sony, it's about the only thing making them money right now.

For Microsoft, it's a side project for the company and there is shareholder pressure forming for them to drop XB because it doesn't generate enough profit (remembering their idea of profitable is completely different to what a game centric company in the 90s would have been looking for).

Too much investment is required for what many see as limited returns. I think they'll look more to turn Xbox into a multi format gaming brand and distribution platform rather than linked to a box in your front room.

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