Destiny being traded into gamestop in droves - Speculative evidence

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Just went to my local gamestop today to pick up Hyrule Warriors and saw they had 5 + copies of pre owned Destiny games for X1 and Ps4.  Is the game dying already and being sold off in records numbers also?  How are other gamestops or gaming stores in your local area??

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Mine had like 3 but idk if thats normal or not


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I would not call it in droves, there are millions of copy's so 5 people trade in there copys


I don't know if I would call that in droves, but it is a pretty substantial number of copies for one store to have.

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lol hyperbole
Here I thought you had some kind of proof

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Your Gamestop is the only Gamestop in the world, or what?


Game sells over 3 million copies in its opening week.
5 preowned copies seen at 1 local gamespot.
"People are returning the game in droves"

Yeah seems legit.

Just like any other games that sold shitload first week

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I guess... just a guess... that what happen when a game sells a lot.

Same for others games like Watch Dogs, GTA, CoD, etc.

Misleading title.

If you see how much it sold first week then it's safe to assume there will be a fair amount of used copies available.


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