*I will be a multi-console owner soon. *SOR will rise!

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I am planning on re-buying a Wii U within the next 6 months making me a multi-console owner for the first time

I will rise like a beautiful bird. I will rise from the ashes, grow a pair, and no longer be shackled by the fanboy chains! Hear me roar!

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What took you so long? You don't own all consoles then? tss =p

Somehow I know when one it's one of your threads...I just can't put my finger on it...

Congrats! Just dont jump the gun too early next time lolll


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The prophecy has been foretold:

From the ominous sound of rain, a hero will rise from the ashes of single console ownership and transcend into the promised land... where no games will be hidden from his piercing gaze.

Except the Microsoft ones.

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I was a muliplatform owner for a month with the PS4/Wii U combo but then realized the Wii U is a money pit and sold it. Perhaps the PS4/XO combo is the way to go. I did enjoy Mario Kart 8, SM3D World and the NES Remix games but after that, I saw nothing special left in the library.

Yay, way to go! Also, nice topic rebirth

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I came thinking it was someone getting a Ouya... :/

GamechaserBE said:
What took you so long? You don't own all consoles then? tss =p

I own a PS4 now and will own a Wii U reletivly soon. No XBO though

It really is the best way to be. I went from owning just Nintendo consoles until the 5th gen. Then I became Nintendo and Sony until the 7th gen. Since then, I've owned everything and (in addition to seeing that all console fan bases make up shit just to make the other guy jealous) there's nothing better than being able to play any game on the market without restriction. I remember when I'd read a gaming magazine and only read the Nintendo section. Then, I'd read the whole thing from cover to cover and imagine what I was missing. Those days are gone forever!!*

*because gaming magazines are almost extinct

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