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AZWification said:
QUAKECore89 said:
AZWification said:

Just lol........ >_>


*Removes Tweet*

Yeah.. Removing that tweet was kinda silly!

Yeah, such cowardly & childish support. xP

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flagstaad said:
tsogud said:

       Again, you didn't provide factual evidence, e.g. sales, to prove your essertion that Child of Light was unsatisfactory for Ubisoft. Sure you may think they were unsatisfactory but you in no way KNOW they were, unless you somehow became the CEO of Ubisoft.

What are you talking about? Mature gamers buy mature games, hardly any twelve year old is going to buy a hugely story driven game, but yes I agree with you just because they're older does not guarantee they are going to buy mature games but they are FAR more likely to and usually do, that's why there is a mature market in gaming for the mature gamers.

And if you were referring to ZombiU (which I feel is underrated) it's really a niche game which doesn't appeal to a really broad audience, and honestly it wasn't advertised a lot (or effectively for that matter) I really didn't see anything on TV or the Internet that advertised it to a bigger audience (which was a waste because the walking dead timeslot would've been a perfect place to advertise it). Also the Wii U was selling horribly when it launched, it even had trouble selling its first party games, let alone a niche third party game, I'm even surprised it's still selling the way it is given that it's 2 years old.

Of course multiplats sell well on the One and PS4, because third party devs hold those owners at a higher standard (for whatever made-up reason they say) and treat Wii U owners as second-class gamers. That's why this thread exists, they give Wii U owners shovelware and release a second-rate port 6 months late and don't support it with DLC and expect it to sell well and then if it doesn't they just blame it on the userbase. If they are going to release a game on different platforms then they should treat each port with the same respect and standards for all platforms (and yes that means releasing and advertiseing it with the rest of the ports).

Really all the Wii U owners want is the same game released at the same time with the same amount of support that the devs do for the One and PS4, and that really isn't too much to ask for at all. The lack of third party support really does suck because the Wii U isn't THAT bad and can hold it's own agianst its competition because the market is there and will continue to grow only if the devs are actually willing to put quality work into their games and support it to make that happen.

Please try to use paragraphs next time, more people will read your messages and it will be easier to answer.I will try to split your response to handle it better.

I do know, but for NDA reasons cannot provide "proof", sales did not met expectations.

Mature audience on the Wii U is usually splitted in 2 groups, people who have enough money to buy a second console so when they buy mature rated games they usually don't do it for the Wii U, and parents of kids who (mostly) do not buy mature rated games for them, those who don't belong to any of those groups are the ones buying the mature rated games for the console, and as sales proof is not many people.

You should never understimate the amount of teenageers that buy and play M-rated games like Watch_dogs, Call of Duty, and so on. They love to play those games precisely because they make them feel more adult.

The case of ZombiU is an interesting one, the game was exclusive, it was bundled, and integrated the gamepad in very interesting ways, sure the console was not selling very well, but one of the reasons for it WAS the lack of appealing games, which per definition includes ZombiU, you can say that the game did not sold very good because the sales of the console were low, or go backwards, and say that the console sold poorly because ZombiU and its other games did not appeal to the possible customers.

The comments differ a lot between Wii U owners and non-WiiU owners, when the game have framerate problems for Wii U owners is is "a shitty port", "shovelware", "garbage" and others, when the same problem happened with the PS3 last gen, the game "worked ok", "could be better" and so on. And the biggest different is that the PS3/360 owner actually bought it and the 3rd party took them into account because they were customer not only complainers, and improved the situation because the money was there to invest in better optimization tools.

We all want the highest levels of quality and fair treatment, but there is nothing to support that financial decision on the 3rd party companies, polishing an engine costs a lot of money, they have been doing it for years for the PS3 and 360 and the results are there, but people expects same level of polish and optimization on their first game, and the architecture is different the CPU vs GPU capabilities are different (on Wii U the CPU is weaker but the GPU is more powerful than with the 360 and PS3).

Porting is usually cheap 1-3 but that will be a raw port with zero improvement and many bugs and problems, that is the result that you get using 20% of the effort, usually the 80% of the result, if you want a 100% quality level you need to spend an additional 80% or five times the budget, but unless you will get a 5x sales improvement is hard to approve as a bussiness decision, what you will see is that in each project (if the results of the previous one are good) they will make an small improvement, but currently the good results never came, and their conclusion is that is better just not to risk their budget, so not anymore Ubisoft support on thing that require decent budgets.

You didn't provide any factual evidence of the sales of Child of Light, so I really have no reason to believe you, your word means nothing to me so why even bother to mention the sales if you can't back them up.

I was mainly talking about the Wii U eshop and the games on there but I think you're over generalising Wii U owners and of course teenageers (mostly from 15-19) are gonna buy M-rated titles like Watch Dogs I never said they wouldn't I was talking about younger kids like twelve year-olds and maybe thirteen and fourteen year-olds too.

You really didn't address anything in your statement reguarding ZombiU, in fact you proved my point by saying that it was a lack of appealing games that contributed to the poor sales of the Wii U and ZombiU quite honestly wasn't an appealing game to most people.

The rest of your arguement just seems like excuses to me. Just like you, most people are conditioned now to accept low-quality ports with no support and then make excuses about it for the devs sake. Telling a dev (or any company) that they're mistreating a group of consumers is not complaining. I really don't care if they release third party games on the Wii U. It's just if they're going to release Watch Dogs on all platforms then they should treat each platform with the same amount of respect, and if they're not going to treat Wii U owners with that respect then don't even release the game at all on the Wii U.

Regardless, you're the consumer, whatever financial issues that a company is going through is not a consumer concern and should not be an excuse to acccept low-quality work and there is nothing wrong for a group of consumers to want to be treated fairly with the same amount of support other consumers seem to get.


they really should lower the price of this game for Wii U. on PS4 it is less than $40. so it is really hard to imagine paying $60 for it.

Fusioncode said:

Don't worry WiiU owners. You're not missing anything. Just a mediocre sandbox game with a hacking gimmick.

I'd recommend GTAV instead...

Err how about Sleeping Dogs?

Wait no...

Maybe you should just buy Lego City.


-Mr Khan

I have and it's freaking awesome.

If it isn't turnbased it isn't worth playing   (mostly)

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Naum said:
Fusioncode said:

Don't worry WiiU owners. You're not missing anything. Just a mediocre sandbox game with a hacking gimmick.

I'd recommend GTAV instead...

Err how about Sleeping Dogs?

Wait no...

Maybe you should just buy Lego City.


-Mr Khan

I have and it's freaking awesome.

I second that, I adore that game!

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Sharu said:
Ubisoft is doing all they can to botch Watch Dogz WiiU. We need our own gaming botchamania, methink!


spurgeonryan said:
fleischr said:
Ubisoft is failing so hard with Watch Dogs on Wii U that I have to laugh.

Whoever tweeted that should be fired. Whoever decided to wait so long for the Wii U release should be fired as well.

Those overseeing the people who made those two decisions should be fired as well. Ubisoft is really losing their edge -- unless they're intentionally trying to alienate Nintendo fans so we'll stop even asking for games.

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MoHasanie said:
fedfed said:
why don't leave out the disc. just sell cases with no game. Nintendo players will not notice.

This is so silly, if true, what they expect? 1mil sales? For a game that is already £15 in shops and already claiming the biggest disappointment award of the year!

Destiny is the biggest dissappointment of the year! 

Sure. My Bad!


it wont have dlc cos all dlc will be included in the game as part of the game!