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I saw this rumor before but did not see any real discussion on the topic.  Here is the contents from a site on the subject.

Reports indicate that Microsoft is in the process of testing a cloud gaming service that could allow all Xbox 360 and Xbox One games to played at 60 FPS via a web browser like Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.

Microsoft’s cloud game platform Delorean is designed to predict gamers’ upcoming action to reduce potential lag, and Microsoft has supposedly already got the technology up and running with working versions of Fable III and Doom 3.


Microsoft's Delorean tech reportedly kills streaming lag.

With Microsoft appearing to be facing a losing battle when it comes to both Xbox One and its failure in PC gaming with the faltering Games for Windows Live, it stands to reason that Microsoft could benefit from consolidating its Xbox and Windows games divisions.

The plans allow for full streaming of games at 60 FPS, while the Xbox 360 dashboard can also be streamed providing total access to its suite of features. In a move seen as a way of merging Xbox Live and Games for Windows Live into a single ecosystem, Microsoft would no longer be totally dependent on the success of the Xbox One when it comes to gaming.

With its hefty list of releases across its trio of Xbox consoles Microsoft could have quite a library to draw from for its game streaming service; possibly enough to apply pressure on Valve and its seemingly untouchable Steam.

Microsoft’s of course not alone in this idea though, with Sony also keen on the idea of games as a service, pushing out the PlayStation Now beta in recent months. Sony’s goal with this also appears to be to offer PlayStation titles to any online device, but it’s a move that could of course obliterate PlayStation 4 sales if it were successful enough. Do you think Microsoft could be looking at an exit strategy for the Xbox One? Do you see a future for traditional console gaming or will it become games as a service? Let us know!

If MS is able to deliver this service, what do you think the pontential.  Could MS one up Sony for a change since PSNow prices and structure is not setting the world on fire.


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