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Should Scotland leave the union? If yes or no please say why.

Yes 152 43.80%
No 143 41.21%
It does not matter 26 7.49%
I dont understand 26 7.49%
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Its a real hot debate. If you have been keeping track the polls are showing it can swing one way or the other. If Scotland do vote to leave the union then the UK is going to lose like 7 million or so people. I have always seen the welsh, scotish and english culture as one. I mean the royal fam have scottish roots afterall.


I am just wondering what others are thinking about this vote.


I think it is wrong that scotch people who live in England have no vote about it. I would like to here anyones opinion on this.

Well the royal Family is  Saxony-Coburg-Gotha. Windsor is just the name of their mansion.  Which makes them basically German. I want to see you explain the british that they are Germans :)

TBH I would like to see Scotland be independent. Will certainly shake things up a bit about  "this is territory of country X"   "A belongs to B" etc etc.  I mean if politicians ignore the will of a "minority" then that minority should be allowed to be independent etc.

What a strange and ridiculous notion, in this context. If 49.9% of Scots vote for independence and 50.1% vote to stay with the union how would you propose to give that large minority independence? They will be scattered throughout Scotland, so would you round them all up and plonk them into Glasgow and make this an independent enclave, and have all Glaswegians who voted to stay in the Union move somewhere else?

This is about a group of people  49% of scots are still scots asking every single individual will make things way to complicated. And I was talking about a minority in the sense of ethnicity/race/group  "not just less people". People should decide what group of people they want to be identified with as long as they DO have a connection with that group.

THAT SAID THO if you as an individual dont want to be part of your country you should be allowed to be independent. You have to accept all the disadvantages tho. Like border checkpoints all around your property, paying to use the other countries roads and needing a Visa or whatever. If you accept those annoying things no matter how ridiculous they are noone should force you to be part of something you dont want to be a part of.

Forcing people into countries etc is complete nonsense.

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I think it is quite likely now. The establishment is getting seriously desperate. David Cameron compared it to a 'painful divorce'!

Alongside all the usual negativity of the 'no' side.

I don't think such a negative campaign has ever won anything and i can't think of somewhere who disapproved of independence when given the opportunity

I would vote yes personally. Vote no and get some further devolution that is decided by those in Westminister (devo max), Vote yes and the Scottish government gets everything offered by Devo max guarentueed plus it's own defence, foreign and economic policies. 

Vote yes and look to the future! Just a shame they won't be a republic but never mind 

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It's not going to happen, although it's going to be a close enough vote that there'll be increased tensions between the countries in the future.

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I'm English but I think they should go independent. The Scottish parliament is very different to west minister politically and would better represent them if given full power. I have little doubt that they could make a success of it.

I see Scotland as the teenage kid in the family going through his mood swings and such as part of puberty, he tells his parents (Us, the rest of the UK, or more specifically England...) that he hates them and he's running away from home... now let's say he DOES run away from home; Well, he's not going to last too long on his own now, is he? He has VERY few ways of making money (In this kid's case, it'd be sucking dick behind some dumpsters), no skills of his own so-to-speak, and will just struggle in pretty much every way...

You're probably thinking, but if this kid did run away, why aren't his parents doing anything? Well y'see, his parents know that despite him running away, he can't live on his own forever, and will eventually come back saying he's sorry and it'll never happen again... unfortunately for him, his parents can be quite abusive after a few drinks, and they're pissed off and ready to give him such a beating for running away in the first place...

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kowenicki said:

If they do vote yes then at least as an Englishman I will get MY independence back. 

Seriously. Turkeys dont vote for Christmas unless they are very, very stupid... it will be a NO vote.


When I lived in Scotland and devolution was big topic with independence being discussed I thought it was a long shot too.  I guess I underestimated things like emotion and pride.

Economically not sure how this will pan out, but have my concerns on the oil projections Scotland will see in coming 30 years.

I feel that Scotland's demand for independence is emotionally driven. I'm very concerned on whether they have what it takes to maintain themselves economically.

Metrium said:
If I lived in a country that still acts like if this was the 17th century where it's ok to be ruled by queens, dukes and princes, I would certainly want to leave.

You are kidding right?  (About the UK being rules by Monarchs)


I don t think Scotland will leave the UK, buy I have heard they are no longer supporting the Wii U

If they vote for it, I cant wait for Yorkshire to also get a vote.