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Not lately, but I need to. Still have Wii games I need to finish.

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curl-6 said:
mysteryman said:

Still going through my massive backlog.

Finally got around to Other M a month ago. Wow, what a disappointment.

Surely you'd heard of all the hate it gets and made room for the possibility that it deserved it? :p

I'd heard, and believed. I just needed to experience it for myself :P

I play Sonic Colors and Super Paper Mario occasionally

Yes, play Tatsunko vs Capcom all the time on it... I really wanna play Hero Mode on Skyward Sword. Also want to finish Metroid Prime Trilogy because I never played Prime 2 or 3. Never got around starting Twilight Princess even those I bought it with my Wii on release date (Lawl).... Wouldn't mind replaying Xenoblade again as well

I have about five or six Wii games still shrink wrapped, and will finally play Resi 4 Wii Edition once I find a way to put down Pokemon Y.

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I was playing Sin & Punishment: Star Successor not long ago, as well as some WiiWare titles (Driift Mania, Mega Man 9, Contra Rebirth)

Hell yeah I still play Wii games! This past summer I played Metroid Prime 3 for the first time! Also, I bought both Galaxy games and recently finished them. Amazing! In addition, I bought Kirby's Epic Yarn and loved it! I'm just finishing up my second play through of Skyward Sword. In the future, I still need to get Kirby's Return to Dreamland...

Occasionally for Smash, but earlier today I signed up for a free trial of Gamefly so I can (hopefully) play xenoblade.

Of course! I still play the Galaxy games and Resi 4 from time to time!

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don't own a wii u yet, simply because i still have plenty of games for the wii i haven't finished yet. or even started! still got de blob 2, tatsunoko vs capcom and xenoblade chronicles shrinkwrapped and waiting.